City Centre - Residential Zone

City Centre - Residential

The objectives of the City Centre - Residential Zone are to ensure consistency with the general objectives of the Strategic Regional Centre, and in addition, to:

  1. facilitate residential development based on proximity to the Strategic Regional Centre, to enable people to live close to their work and/or commercial facilities available within the centre

  2. limit the development of commercial facilities to those essential to service the immediate needs of residents and discourage development with potential to prejudice consolidation of commercial development elsewhere in the centre

  3. promote the development of attractive buildings designed and landscaped to provide attractive urban streetscapes conducive to the enhancement of residential amenities

  4. ensure development on or in close proximity to any existing sites of heritage significance, is designed and developed with due recognition given to those heritage values

  5. encourage the amalgamation of small land holdings and the comprehensive development of larger sites so as to facilitate efficient use of car parking and access facilities.