Strategic Regional Centre

The  'Strategic Regional Centre' is not a zone, rather it is an area made up of a range of Strategic Regional Centre zones.  


The objectives of the 'Strategic Regional Centre' as a whole are outlined in the City's  Local Planning Scheme No.17 (cl.4.2) and are as follows:

  1. to ensure development of the centre accords with the WA Planning Commission’s Metropolitan Centres Policy as it applies to the “main street” centres;
  2. to facilitate the creation of employment within the centre so as to reduce the demand for travel, and enhance the level of self-sufficiency within the sub-region;
  3. to promote the development of a wide range of commercial facilities and services including major offices, retailing and a mix of entertainment, recreation and community facilities to meet the needs of the sub-regional community;
  4. to facilitate the complementary development of housing so as to enhance the vibrancy of the centre, improve the viability of businesses and provide a wider choice of accommodation within the district;
  5. to promote a high degree of accessibility to and within the centre, for users of all modes of transport (bus, rail, private car, cycle and pedestrian) and to avoid fragmentation of commercial development;
  6. to enhance pedestrian connectivity within the centre, so as to facilitate movement between sites and from public and private transport nodes;
  7. to encourage mixed uses and complementary development within the centre so as to enhance the viability of business and the efficient use of facilities and services;
  8. to ensure future development and re-development accords  with ‘main street’ design principles as referred to in State Planning Policy No. 4.2, providing an integrated, attractive, safe and vibrant focus for the community;
  9. to ensure car parking and access facilities do not disrupt the continuity of main street development or reduce pedestrian connectivity within the centre;
  10. to ensure development and re-development within the centre affords appropriate recognition of heritage values and the character of existing streetscapes, with reference to scale, form and design.