New homes

Planning and building approvals

Before building your new home you will require various approvals from the City, including planning and building approvals. 

Planning approvals and building approvals are different and are controlled by different legislation.

A planning approval ensures that the development of a property within the City complies with the Local Planning Scheme, Residential Design Codes and other relevant legislation and policies.

building approval ensures that the proposed building work complies with the Building Codes of Australia and other relevant standards and legislation. 

Residential Design Code (R-Code) assessment and approval may be required when a proposed development does not comply with the ‘deemed to comply' criteria specified in the Residential Design Codes (State Planning Policy 3.1), the R-Codes Medium Density standards or a Detailed Area Plan (DAP).

The requirement for this application will be determined by the City when they assess your building application and is only applicable for residential structures.

Please note that any residential property that is subject to the City’s Planning Scheme may require a separate Planning application

How do I get the approvals I need?

1) Consider the City's requirement for waste water disposal including effluent disposal and find out if you require health approval, how to prepare your submission and how to submit to the City.

2) Consider the City's crossover requirements. It may be advisable to discuss your plans for the location of your crossover with the Asset Works Inspector on 9267 9267 prior to preparing your building plans and making application for your building permit. The requirement for a redesign can be costly for the owner if approval is not granted at this later stage due to location considerations. 

3) Visit the planning approval - new homes section to find out if you require planning approval, how to prepare your submission and how to submit it to the City.

4) Find out if you require building approval for your new home, how to prepare your application for building approval correctly and how to submit it to the City.

Please note: Where applicable the first approvals should be obtained prior to submitting your building application. 

5) Submit your applications to the City.

Once all your submissions have been received by the City we will keep in touch to let you know if any further information is needed, or if approval has been granted.

How do I track the progress of my applications

All users may track the progress of their applications by using the Application Search. The online application tracking enables you to obtain up to date information relating to a building application that has been lodged with the City. The information provided represents key milestones in the application process, not a detailed history.