Fast Track applications

What is a Fast Track application?

A Fast Track application is a basic development application, which generally comprises the following characteristics:

  • Small in scale
  • Unlikely to impact surrounding properties and residents
  • Generally complies with the current Local Planning Scheme and Local Planning Policies 

Examples of development types that can be considered using the Fast Track process include applications for Shed, Patio/shade structure, Water tank, Keeping of horses, Single house, Fencing and/or retaining walls, Signage, Ancillary dwellings, Swimming pool/spa and Home Business.

What is not a Fast Track application?

The Fast Track process is provided to the above development types exclusively. However, applications for any of the above development types will not be considered using the Fast Track process if they:

  • Require Council to determine the application as opposed to determination under delegated authority
  • Are within a Heritage Area or on a Heritage List and proposes development which is visible from a public space (i.e. street, park etc)
  • Require one or more State Government Agency referrals
  • Require a referral to the Swan Valley Planning Committee
  • Require public consultation with neighbouring and surrounding landowners and there are written objections
  • Require referral to one or more State Government Agencies and there are written objections
  • Propose significant variations to the Local Planning Scheme and/or Local Planning Policies
  • Are retrospective applications

Upon lodgement an application may initially be considered to be eligible for the Fast Track process, but once considered in greater detail may be found to be ineligible for the Fast Track process due the reason(s) identified above. 

What information do I need to include in my Fast Track application?

Depending on the development type of the proposed Fast Tack application, different information may be required. 

A Fast Track application checklist and questionnaire for each of the Fast Track development types may assist you in preparing a Fast Track planning application.

How do I lodge a Fast Track application?

Applications can be lodged in person at the City of Swan Administration Building, 2 Midland Square, Midland (between 8:00am and 5:00pm) Monday to Friday) or by post, PO Box 196 Midland WA 6936.  Once received, a senior member of the Statutory Planning Team will determine whether the application is eligible for consideration through the Fast Track process and you will receive an acknowledgement soon after.