General Commercial Zone

The objectives of the General Commercial Zone are to:

  1. encourage those uses necessary to provide convenience shopping of the lower order outside the Strategic Regional Centre

  2. avoid development of land for any purposes or in any manner likely to compromise development of the Strategic Regional Centre or the efficient distribution of commercial services within the district

  3. ensure development provides a high level of visual attraction at street level, and does not unduly detract from the visual amenities of adjacent residential areas

  4. ensure any on-site advertising is integrated with the overall site development and does not detract from the amenities of the adjacent area

  5. promote the development of continuous commercial frontages and the integration of adjacent commercial development so as to facilitate pedestrian access to and within commercial areas

  6. enhance the amenities of the area and the development of a more sustainable environment through the use of complementary landscaping, including shade trees and stormwater recharge facilities.