Proposed development applications list

The City has received the following Development Application proposals, which may be of interest to local residents.

Anyone wishing to comment on any of the proposals may do so in writing on or before the nominated closing date.

Submissions should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, City of Swan, PO Box 196, Midland  WA  6936, quoting the relevant reference number.  


Proposed Expansion of the Ellenbrook Central Shopping Centre - Lots 8499 & 8500 Main Street ELLENBROOK 

Development approval is sought for a mixed used development expansion of the Ellenbrook Centre Shopping Centre at Lot 8499 and Lot 8500 Main Street Ellenbrook. 

The proposal includes the introduction of another major retail tenant, being a discount department store, which will facilitate the introduction of other retail and non-retail uses. Included in the proposal is a cinema use, additional parking bays and reconfigurations to access. 

The following table summarises the existing and proposed floor space: 

Planning Land Use Category

Current Floor Space (m2)

Proposed Floor Space (m2)

Proposed Total Floor Space (m2)





Other Retail








Health/Welfare/Community Services












Total Floorspace




It is expected that the additional development will occur in a staged manner that will be dependent on the construction, leasing and financial viability requirements. 

Additional building footprint

  • The proposal includes the construction of a new main street building on the northern portion of the component of Main Street.
  • The application includes the construction of a cinema located on the upper level adjacent to Town Park/Square.
  • Additional floor space at the second level of the centre.
  • Additional basement and undercover parking. 

Car Parking & Access 

The parking bays will be generally spread evenly over the site and will include a maximum of 4586 bays. The plan includes the development of basement parking located on the eastern portion of the side and a number of multi-level parking structures. The proposed development incorporates a number of modified vehicle access points and reconfigured internal parking area. 


The general centre branding and locations of major tenant signage will be provided as part of the signage strategy to be prepared prior to each stage. A pylon sign is proposed on the corner of Main Street and the Promenade. The content of signage on the pylon will vary and include digital content. 

Plans(PDF, 48MB)

Report(PDF, 2MB)

Sustainability Assessment(PDF, 1MB)

Transport Impact Assessment Report(PDF, 2MB)

Closing date for submissions: December 30, 2017. Reference No: DA854-17. Responsible Officer: Philip Russell. 

Proposed Animal Establishment (Dog Kennels) and Associated Caretaker's Dwelling - Lot 226 (No.352) Mayo Road, GIDGEGANNUP 

The City has received the abovementioned proposal for consideration. 

Application seeks planning approval for a proposed 'Animal Establishment' and associated Caretakers Dwelling at Lot 226 (No. 352) Mayo Road Gidgegannup.  The application will consist of the following: 

  • The business will offer short stay (day care) to medium term luxury accommodation for dogs only up to a maximum of 1 month stay;
  • In conjunction with the above, the business will also offer dog training and grooming services;
  • There will be a total of 9 kennels in total with a maximum of 2 dogs per kennel only where the 2 dogs come from the same family home.  At full capacity, there is expected to be 9 to 18 dogs;
  • A total 8 parking spaces are proposed.  At its closest point to the lot boundary, the development will be set back a distance of approximately 89m.
  • All kennels will be fully insulated and have double glazed doors/windows for thermal and noise containment benefits;
  • Dogs will be exercised in the grassed exercise yards between the hours of 9am to 10am and in the afternoon between the hours of 3pm to 4pm, with dogs being selectively exercised 1 to 2 dogs at a time.
  • The animal establishment and caretaker's facility will be fenced off by 1.8m high cyclone fencing with electric lock out gates to ensure that no dogs escape.  There will also be additional internal fencing for exercised yards.
  • There will be a facility to pick up and deliver dogs by prior appointment only between the same hours as the exercise sessions.  However, the bulk of the business will be based on a pick-up and delivery service undertaken by the operators of the Animal Establishment. A maximum of 12 vehicle movements (entry and exit) per day are anticipated.  Dogs will not be allowed out of the building at night
  • There will be a total of 2 caretakers who will be residing onsite at all times when dogs are present in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the pets.  During peak periods of operation there will be the possibility of an additional employee to assist the 2 caretakers.
  • Waste generated on-site will be disposed of via the local waste transfer station. 

Plans(PDF, 297KB)

Closing date for submissions: December 22, 2017. Reference No: DA534-17. Responsible Officer: Rohan Sim.

Proposed Use of the land for Industry Extractive (Sand Excavation) including clearing of vegetation, rehabilitation works and associated works with the construction of access track and run off area- Lots 2 & 2017 Bingham Road & Lot 172 Morley Road BULLSBROOK

Please be advised the City of Swan has received an application for an Extractive Industry (Sand Excavation) at the above mentioned property. The application consists of the following key aspects: 

  • Hours of operation – 7:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Saturday (excluding public holidays) 
  • Life of the project – 1 – 5 years (however, it is expected that most of the sand will be removed within 6 – 7 months to facilitate the requirements of the Perth to Darwin National Highway). 
  • Vehicle Movements: A maximum of 400 truck movements per day confined to the proposed haulage route to access the Northlink Easement (see attached plan). Employee and service vehicles will utilise Bingham Road. 
  • Number of employees:  2 – 4
  • Material to be excavated: A maximum of 600,000 tonnes is anticipated to be removed from the site. 
  • Maximum depth: the maximum depth will range from 2.5 metres to 4.5 metres. 
  • Following the completion of the extraction, the subject site is proposed to be rehabilitated to Banksia Woodland.

Acoustic Impact Assessment(PDF, 8MB)

Environmental Assessment Report(PDF, 1MB)

Transport Impact Statement(PDF, 3MB)

Report(PDF, 3MB)

Plans(PDF, 49MB)

Closing date for submissions: January 12, 2018. Reference No: DA814-17. Responsible Officer: Alex Snadden. 

Proposed Use of the land for telecommunications infrastructure and associated development to install 45m monopole with antennas, outdoor cabinet and compound fencing - Lot 900 (No.1635) Neaves Road, BULLSBROOK 

The City has received the abovementioned proposal for consideration. 

A summary of the application is listed below:

  • A National Broadband Network (NBN) Fixed Wireless Facility, comprised of the following:
    • 45m high monopole;
    • 3x panel antennas;
    • 4x parabolic dish antennas;
    • 2x outdoor cabinets at ground level;
    • 2.4m high chain-link security fencing for an 80m2 overall compound; and
    • Ancillary equipment associated with operation of the facility.
  • The overall compound is to be located 8.1m from the rear boundary of the subject site and 112.5m from the eastern side boundary.  It will be accessible to maintenance vehicles via an existing firebreak access track at the rear of the property.
  • The monopole itself is to be located approximately 13.5m from the rear boundary of the subject site, approximately 115m from the eastern side boundary and approximately 153m from the closest portion of the western side boundary.
  • The proposed Fixed Wireless Facility is to provide wireless broadband services to surrounding premises as well as serve as a 'Wireless Hub Site' (ie. it is to serve as a relay site with connectivity to other NBN facilities in Upper Swan, Muchea, South Chittering and Lower Chittering) - see enclosed Figure 1.  The Applicant advises that a minimum 45m high monopole is required to establish a "line of sight" to those abovementioned NBN locations.
  • The proposed monopole will feature:

Attached at top of monopole:

  • 3x panel antennas; measuring  750mm (h)  x 300mm (w)  x 115mm (d)
  • 6x remote  radio  units;  measuring  381mm (h)  x  291mm (w)  x 115mm (d)

Attached at 41m to the monopole:

  • 1x 1800mm parabolic dish antenna 

Also, 3x 900mm parabolic dish antennas will be located at 34m, 40m and 43m respectively.  The dishes providing a link to the Muchea, South Chittering and Lower Chittering facilities will be 900mm in diameter and the dish to Upper Swan 1800mm in diameter.

  • Two existing dead trees on the site will require removal to accommodate the overall compound.  The Applicant advises no other vegetation removal is required.
  • No landscape screening is proposed as the Applicant contends there is sufficient existing vegetation on the property.
  • The Facility will be powered via an underground electricity cable from existing infrastructure on Pine Road, at the rear of the site.
  • The Applicant submitted an 'Environmental Electromagnetic Energy' Report in support of the proposal.  That Report concludes that the maximum predicted EME will equate to 0.075% of the maximum public exposure limit (where 100% of that limit is still considered within requirements).

 Plans(PDF, 5MB)

Report(PDF, 2MB)

Closing date for submissions: December 20, 2017. Reference No: DA767-17. Responsible Officer: Ryan Munyard.

Proposed Serviced Apartments - Lots 4-7 (No's 3,5,7 & 9) Wroxton Street, MIDLAND

An application for planning approval to construct serviced apartments on the above property has been received.  The Government of Western Australia’s Metro East Joint Development Assessment Panel considered an application previously on the site for 93 residential apartments on 10 April 2017, where approval was given.  The applicant now seeks approval for a change of use to serviced apartments offering short-stay accommodation.  Details of the proposal are summarised below. 

  • 92 serviced apartments offering short stay accommodation;
  • One caretaker/manager unit;
  • Multi-use gym/theatre/meeting area; and
  • 137 on-site car bays and 10 embayment parking spaces on Wroxton Street. 

The applicant has indicated that the serviced apartments will be managed by a serviced apartment provider.  Management by various apartment owners will not be taking place. 

Notable physical changes to the building between that approved previously and the current application are summarised below. 

  • Reduction in number of car bays by five;
  • Additional screening measures on shared boundaries;
  • Store rooms for house-keeping; and
  • Additional landscaping.

Plans(PDF, 13MB)

Closing date for submissions: December 22, 2017. Reference No: DA789-17. Responsible Officer: Craig Zanotti.

Proposed Use of the land for a shop and associated development to construct a commercial building including signage, parking, vehicle access, clearing of vegetation, demolition works (car park, transformer and structures) - Lot  338 (No.181) Morrison Road MIDVALE 

The City has received an application for a ‘Shop’ at Lot 338 (No.181) Morrison Road, Midvale. 

The application comprises of the following key elements: 

  • The construction of a 1740sqm shopping centre (Aldi), the associated signage and works;
  • The construction of 140 vehicle parking bays;
  • Clearing of vegetation; and
  • Demolition works (removal of the existing structures on site).

 Acoustic Report(PDF, 357KB)

Bushfire Management Plan(PDF, 3MB)

Plans(PDF, 11MB)

Report(PDF, 390KB)

Traffic Impact Assessment(PDF, 3MB)

Closing date for submissions: December 20, 2017. Reference No: DA796-17. Responsible Officer: Alex Snadden 

Proposed Use of the land for grouped dwelling and to construct a second dwelling on the lot including associated earthworks, civil works and drainage - Lot 9 (No.20) Ford Street, WOODBRIDGE 

The City has received an application for a two storey house located at the rear of Lot 9 (No.20) Ford Street, Woodbridge. 

The proposal involves a number of variations to the acceptable development standards under the City’s Local Planning Policy POL-C-111 - Woodbridge Conservation Precinct and deemed-to-comply requirements of State Planning Policy 3.1 – Residential Design Codes. 

POL-C-111 – Woodbridge Conservation Precinct 

  • Two storey dwellings can be considered, subject to the upper level being set back from the street or built within the existing roof space. The proposed two storey house does not have the upper level being set back and/or within the existing roof space) 
  • The established characters of the streetscape are traditionally older and single houses with pitched roofs. The proposal includes a design which does not respond to the predominant historic form: 
  • Wall height of 2.7m is not achieved with all levels;
  • The roof is concealed not pitched;
  • Minimum 300-450mm wide eave overhands are not achieved;
  • Windows have a horizontal emphasis in lieu of a vertical emphasis;
  • A solid garage door is proposed;
  • The development is set back further than the established & prevailing setback for the street; and
  • Limestone is generally supported to sill height only.  

State Planning Policy 3.1 – Residential Design Codes 

  • The rear upper floor setback ranges from 2.5m – 5.5m in lieu of 2.8m on the eastern boundary;
  • The ‘Dressing/Master’ bedroom is set back 1.3m in lieu of 1.5m on the southern boundary;
  • The building has a wall height of 8m (east) and 9.6m (north) which exceeds the maximum wall height of 8m  generally considered acceptable for residential areas;
  • Excavation and fill is in excess 3, where 0.5m is generally considered acceptable for residential areas;
  • The retaining wall on the western and southern boundary is set back 0.5m in lieu of 1.5m – 1.9m; and
  • The retaining wall height to the western boundary is 0.5m – 1.9m in lieu of 0.5m. 

All other aspects of the design not listed above (including overlooking) are deemed compliant.

Plans(PDF, 2MB)

Closing date for submissions: December 20, 2017. Reference No: DA652-17. Responsible Officer: Aviva Mahfouda  

Proposed Change of use (Single House to Child Care Premises) and Associated Signage - Lot 474 (No.11) Domatia Boulevard, BENNETT SPRINGS 

The City has received an application to for a change of use (Single House to Child Care Premises) and Associated Signage on the above property. 

The applicant has applied to have a total of 23 children at the property at any one time with a total of 3 staff. The ages are listed below: 

  • 0 – 18 months ( x 8)
  • 18 – 24 months ( x 5)
  • 3 years – 12 years (10) 

The applicant proposes to operate 6 days a week and provide both day and night care services with the following proposed hours: 

  • Day Care: 6:30am – 6:00pm
  • Night Care: 6:00pm – 7:00am 

In accordance with the City’s Vehicle Standards Policy (POL-TP-129) a total of 6 parking bays are required. The applicant has advised all parking will be within the property boundary. 

Closing date: December 18, 2017. Reference No: DA678-17. Responsible Officer: Aviva Mahfouda

Proposed Mixed Use Building (Multiple Dwellings, Office and Restaurant) - Lot 4 The Avenue, MIDLAND 

The City has received the abovementioned proposal for consideration. 

This application seeks Development Approval for the construction of an eight-storey (plus basement) mixed use building containing 70 multiple dwellings, 208m² of ground floor office and 191m² ground floor restaurant. 

A total of 110 on-site car parking bays are proposed.

Plans(PDF, 15MB)

Report(PDF, 1MB)

Closing date for submissions: December 5, 2017. Reference No: DA701-17. Responsible Officer: Philip Russell 


Proposed Single House - Lot 13 (No.41A) Market Street, GUILDFORD

The City has received an application for approval to commence development of Lot 13 (No.41A) Market Street, Guildford. The application proposes a two storey single house on the lot. 

The proposal involves a number of variations to the acceptable development standards stipulated under the planning framework relevant to the site, specifically: 

Structure Plan 145 - Lot 228 Market Street and associated Design and Development Guidelines: 

  • Landscaping (plant species selection and landscaping layout non-compliant)
  • Boundary Fencing (colorbond fencing proposed, picket fencing permitted)
  • Front, rear and side setbacks(minor encroachments proposed into minimum required north/east, south/east and south/west setback)
  • Overall building design:
    • Minimum wall height of 3 is not achieved
    • Recommended roof pitch (between 27 and 35 degrees) is not achieved
    • Minimum 300mm eave overhang is not achieved 

Local Planning Policy POL-C-106 - Guildford Conservation Precinct: 

  • The house does not appear as a single storey and the upper floor is not setback behind the building line;
  • Windows do not have a vertical emphasis;
  • Limestone retaining and earthworks are proposed 

State Planning Policy 3.1 - Residential Design Codes 

  • The building has a wall height of 6.9m which exceeds the maximum wall height generally considered acceptable residential areas (6.0m).

DA615-17 - Plans(PDF, 5MB)

Closing date for submissions: December 8, 2017. Reference No: DA615-17. Responsible Officer: Patricia Hirst

Proposed Use of the land for an Equestrian Facility and the development associated with the construction of sheds - Lot 150 (No.52) Lefroy Avenue, HERNE HILL

The City has received an application for an Equestrian Facility & associated development for private use on the above property. 

The proposed development consists of the following: 

  • Indoor Arena (60m x 23m);
  • Stables (32.09m x 12.69m);
  • Truck Shed (18m x 12m);
  • Internal Driveway;
  • Internal Fencing; and
  • Landscaping to the northern, southern and western boundaries

DA686-17-Plans(PDF, 677KB)

Closing date for submissions: December 14, 2017. Reference No: DA686-17. Responsible Officer: Aviva Mahfouda