Proposed development applications list

The City has received the following Development Application proposals, which may be of interest to local residents.

Anyone wishing to comment on any of the proposals may do so in writing on or before the nominated closing date.

Submissions should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, City of Swan, PO Box 196, Midland  WA  6936, quoting the relevant reference number.  

Proposed Amendment to previously approved application - to modify the gradient, topography and retaining walls. - Lot 9 (No.20) Ford Street, WOODBRIDGE

The City has received an application for an amendment to approved DA-508/2018 which relates retaining walls and the site works at the above property.

The Amendment to the approved DA-508/2018 has been required due to a proposal to change the driveway gradient required for the house and the extent and levels of the retaining walls.

DA508-18-Plans(PDF, 2MB)

Closing date for submissions: February 20, 2019. Reference No: DA508-18 Responsible Officer: Fisseha Gebremaskel

Proposed Change of Use to Educational Establishment – Lot 423 (Suite 2, No.1) Highpoint Boulevard, ELLENBROOK

The City has received an application for an Educational Establishment at the above property.

The proposal consists of the following features:

The Educational Establishment proposed the following days and hours of operation:

  • Monday to Friday 6:30am-6:00pm
  • Saturday 9:00am – 12:00pm
  • Closed Sundays

The Educational Establishment will consist of one (1) classroom and a small reception area.

  1. A maximum of 17 students per day and 5 staff at any one time.
  2. The proposal does not incorporate internal or external structural works.

Location Plan-DA753-2018(PDF, 84KB)

Plan - DA753-2018(PDF, 79KB)

Closing date for submissions: February 26, 2019. Reference No: DA753-18 Responsible Officer: Samantha Durston

Proposed Community Purpose Facility (Shalom House) - including incidental operational and administrative functions, religious, social and recreational activities, cafe, part demolition works, buildings and works to construct new buildings/structures, car parking areas, landscaping works and associated civil works - Lot 7 (No.1973) Great Northern Highway, BULLSBROOK

The City has received the abovementioned proposal for consideration.  

The proposal consists of the following:

Stage 1 

  • Use of an existing 432m2 shed for the storage of vehicles, plant and equipment associated with Shalom Works and Shalom Labour Hire;
  • Construction of a 384m2 shed in colorbond eucalypt green for the storage of vehicles, plant and equipment associated with Shalom Works and Shalom Labour Hire as well as building materials associated with the future construction works planned for the property;
  • Installation of six (6) Transportable buildings, each 96m2, to be used temporarily to house the administrative operations and act as the construction supervision offices while the new buildings are constructed. They will be removed once main buildings are completed.
  • Installation of a limestone hardstand area of approximately 5,000m2 to be used for parking of Shalom House and Shalom Works vehicles and staff vehicles;

Stage 1B 

  • Development of a 40m x 24m colorbond clad building with a wall height of 4.6m and peak height of 6.826. It will include a 480m2 mezzanine floor. It is shown to be used as a Workshop;
  • Amended site access and egress arrangements to Great Northern Highway, with closure of the existing access and construction of a 62 bay parking area;
  • Installation of a 1.2m high post and wire fence outside the vegetation line associated with the Ellen Brook;
  • Construction of a 1.8m high steel mesh fence along Lot 7’s southern boundary and planting of a vegetation screen; 

Stage 2 

  • Construction of a two storey Community Centre with a total floor area of 2,053m2 and maximum height of 8.75m comprising of
    • 1,522m2 floor space on the ground level containing an auditorium with seating for 503 persons, quiet viewing room with seating for 20 persons, an entry foyer, a kitchen, a café, a children’s crèche, utilities and toilet facilities
    • 531m2 of floor space on the first floor of which 370m2 will be used for administrative operations, and the remainder a mezzanine level viewing area over the auditorium with capacity to set 98 persons (total auditorium capacity 621 persons)
  • The primary use of the auditorium is for Shalom Church services on weekends and other Church and WASG related activities at other time such as meetings, seminars, presentations, family and group events and other community outreach programs.
  • Conversion of the 40m x 24m colorbond clad building for multi-purpose space for a range of indoor recreation activities
  • Further extension of the carparking area with the addition of 138 car parking bays (total of 200 car parking bays)
  • Landscaping of the parking area, frontage of Lot 7 and surrounds of the new building 

Hours of Operation 

  • The auditorium is proposed to be used between 9:00am and 10:00pm Monday – Thursday, between 7:00am and 11:00pm Friday, between 8:00am and 11:00pm Saturday and between 8:00am and 10:00pm Sunday.
  • The Administration building is proposed to be used between 7:00am and 7:00pm Monday to Friday, between 7:00am and 2:00pm Saturday and closed on Sunday
  • The Café is proposed to be used between 6:30am and 3:00pm Monday to Sunday
  • The Indoor Recreation Centre is proposed to be used between 9:00am to 10:00pm Monday to Friday and between 8:00am to 5:00pm on the weekend
  • The applicant submits that the proposed activities are to occur intermittently between the hours listed in the following table, rather than consistently. 

Number of Staff 

  • The applicant submits that during the course of construction in each of the proposed stages, and upon the completion of the development, the peak number of 60 WASG staff would be expected on site during weekday working hours.

DA002-19-Location-Plan(PDF, 1MB)

DA002-19-Development-Plan(PDF, 10MB)

DA002-19-Planning-Report(PDF, 3MB)

DA002-19-Transport-Statement(PDF, 1MB)

Closing date for submissions: February 27, 2019. Reference No: DA002-19 Responsible Officer: Rebecca Lodge

Proposed modification to the approved Detailed Area Plan (DAP280) to change the dwelling orientation for Lot 46 Gloxinia Glade - Lot 46 Gloxinia Glade, DAYTON (Formerly known as Lot 566 Arthur Street, DAYTON)

The City has received the abovementioned proposal for consideration.

An amendment to the Detailed Area Plan (now known as a Local Development Plan) seeks to change the required dwelling orientation for Lot 46 (No.5) Gloxinia Glade. Under the current approved DAP proposed dwellings on Lot 46 Gloxinia Glade are required to orientate towards Gloxinia Glade.

This proposed amendment will change the required dwelling orientation from Gloxinia Glade to Gerbera Lane. 

 DAP280-A-LDP-Approved(PDF, 295KB)

Closing date for submissions: February 28, 2019. Reference No: DAP280-A Responsible Officer: Rohan Sim

Proposed Use and Development for Cafe/Restaurant - Lot 10 (No.263) Old West Road, BULLSBROOK

You are advised that the City of Swan has received an application for a proposed café and restaurant at Lot 10 (No. 263) Old West Road Bullsbrook. 

Comments were previously sought for this application however modifications have been made to the original proposal which warrant re-advertising.  The key features are listed as follows: 

  • A maximum of 175 customers intended to visit the site at any one time; (an increase from the previously advertised 100 persons) 
  • Maximum of 7 staff associated with the Café/Restaurant on the property at any one time (unchanged) 
  • Hours of operation will occur from 9am to 6pm, 7 days a week. 
  • A revised set of plans has been submitted to the City.  There is a slight increase in floor area and a reorientation of the floor layout with the key change from the previous set of plans advertised being an increase in total height of the 'Giant Strawberry tower' from the originally advertised height of approximately 5m to a revised height of 20.851m.

DA708-16-Plans(PDF, 2MB)

Closing date for submissions: February 28, 2019. Reference No: DA708-16.  Responsible Officer: Rohan Sim