Proposed development applications list

The City has received the following Development Application proposals, which may be of interest to local residents.

Anyone wishing to comment on any of the proposals may do so in writing on or before the nominated closing date.

Submissions should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, City of Swan, PO Box 196, Midland  WA  6936, quoting the relevant reference number.  

Proposed use of the land for Industry - Extractive (Hard Rock Quarry) , including associated processing infrastructure including rock crushing and screening equipment, stockpiles, water storage dams, site office, weighbridge and staff amenity facilities and an Excavation Licence - Lots 193 and 153 Toodyay Road and Lot 166 (No.287) Burgess Road, GIDGEGANNUP 

The City has received the abovementioned proposal for consideration. 

The proposal seeks planning approval and a subsequent extractive industry licence from the City of Swan for the extraction of hard rock. Key aspects of the development are: 

  • The proponent is seeking approval for the extraction of hard rock at the above mentioned property over a 50 year period. 
  • The subject lot is zoned Resource, and an extractive industry is a ‘P’ or permitted land use within this zone.  
  • The extraction equates to 25 million tonnes with an expected yield up to 500,000 tonnes per annum with a maximum extraction depth of 50-70 metres below natural ground level. 
  • The footprint of the extraction area is 28 hectares and 14 hectares of stockpile. 
  • Vehicles associated with the development will access and egress along Toodyay Road. 
  • Truck movements:
    • (years 0 to 5) Maximum of 30-50 movements per day (total in/out)
    • (years 6 to 19) Maximum of 50-100 movements per day (total in/out)
    • (years 20 to 50) Approximately 150-200 movements per day (total in/out) 
  • The applicant seeks approval for the following hours and days of operation:
    • 6am to 6pm Monday to Saturday inclusive, excluding public holidays. 
  • The application is subject to both Noise and Dust Management Plans, both of which are currently under-going review by City staff. 
  • The application does include blasting, with the blasting being restricted between 7am and 7pm, Monday to Saturdays (excluding public holidays). 
  • All residences within 1000m of the blasts are to be notified by way of phone call or text at least 24-hours prior to the blast. The phone call or text is to provide date and expected time of the blast as well as a contact name and phone number.

 Bushfire Management Plan(PDF, 2MB)

Dust Assessment(PDF, 1MB)

Noise Impact Assessment(PDF, 3MB)

Report(PDF, 5MB)

Traffic Impact Statement(PDF, 2MB)

Closing date for submissions: March 16, 2018. Reference No: DA054-18. Responsible Officer: Alex Snadden.

Revised Plans - Proposed Roadhouse, Restaurant/Tavern and Tourist Facilities - Lot 100 (No.3301) West Swan Road, CAVERSHAM 

The City has received from the applicant revised plans for the above application. 

In summary the revisions to the proposal are: 

  • Reduce the proposed Winebar/Tavern/Restaurant from 720m2 to 680m2 in area. 
  • Completely modifies the building design to include a pitched colorbond roof and timber-post verandah to three sides and replaces proposed precast concrete walls with local natural stone and timber cladding. 
  • Reduces the proposed serviced apartment building from three storeys to two storeys, reducing overall height from 13.5 metres to 12.88 metres. Ground floor footprint increased from 685m2 to 826m2, first and second floors increased from 875m2 to 1346m2 and 1360m2 respectively. 
  • Modifies the building design to incorporate a pitched corrugated steel roof, facebrick, metal balustrades and local natural stone in place of metal and concreate panels and frosted glass balustrades.

 Revised Plans(PDF, 42MB)

 Closing date for submissions: March 9, 2018. Reference No: DA661-17. Responsible Officer: Philip Russell.

Proposed Four Sea Containers for Storage of Materials - Lot 81 (No.50) Coast Road & Lot 82 Henley Brook Avenue, WEST SWAN 

The City has received an application to utilise the rear of the property at No. 4571 West Swan Road (known as Lot 81 Coast Road and Lot 82 Henley Brook Avenue) for the storage of building equipment and materials, comprising both open air storage and within sea containers, which is currently being carried out without the necessary approvals of the City.

Plan(PDF, 2MB)

Closing date for submissions: March 2, 2018. Reference No: DA738-17. Responsible Officer: Patricia Hirst

Proposed Extension to Existing Tavern inc. Change of Use (from Motor Museum) & Food and Beverage Production - Lot 100 (No.55) Benara Road, CAVERSHAM

The City has received the abovementioned proposal for consideration. 

A brief summary of the proposal is provided below:  

  • The existing Tavern is highlighted yellow
  • The Change of Use (from Motor Museum) will result in an extension to the existing Tavern and is highlighted on the plan in orange
  • The Food and Beverage Production component is highlighted on the plan as green
  • Operating hours will be 8am - 10pm, Monday to Sunday
  • Maximum 10 staff
  • Maximum 500 patrons
  • Access to the site will be via the existing driveway
  • According to the Applicant approximately 80% of patrons will arrive to the site via bus and by Uber drop off/pick ups
  • The existing carparking areas within the site are to be used to accommodate the extra visitors to the Tavern.

 Plans(PDF, 4MB)

Closing date for submissions: March 1, 2018. Reference No: DA704-17. Responsible Officer: Ryan Munyard.

Proposed Transport Depot - Lot 21 (No.1380) Great Northern Highway, UPPER SWAN

The City has received the abovementioned proposal for consideration. 

As advised by the Applicant, the details of the proposal are as follows:

  • The proposed business is for crane hire and road transport, specialising in remote mine site work.
  • The site will be used for the transfer of equipment (by single trailer combination road transport - maximum 19m in length) and for storing, garaging and minor repairs of commercial vehicles and equipment.
  • It will be a small family run business by the owners of the property - there will be no external employees.
  • The Applicant intends to remain living in the existing Single House on the subject site concurrent to the Transport Depot operation.
  • Six commercial vehicles (Three prime movers (with three tri-axle standard trailers) and three AT-15 tow trucks) are to be parked on the property.
    • A designated 30m x 15m (450m2) parking area for the commercial vehicles is to be located behind the existing dwelling.
    • That parking area will be utilised when the vehicles have not been hired out to customers.
    • The parking area is not proposed to be sealed.
  • Hours of operation will be 7am - 7pm.
  • No advertising signage is proposed.
  • No wash down or refuelling of vehicles will occur on site.
  • A maximum of six vehicle movements per day.
  • The existing vehicle crossover is to be utilised for accessing the site in a left- in/left-out configuration.

DA887-17- Plans(PDF, 627KB)

Closing date for submissions: March 15, 2018. Reference No: DA704-17. Responsible Officer: Ryan Munyard.