Proposed development applications list

The City has received the following Development Application proposals, which may be of interest to local residents.

Anyone wishing to comment on any of the proposals may do so in writing on or before the nominated closing date.

Submissions should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, City of Swan, PO Box 196, Midland  WA  6936, quoting the relevant reference number.  

Proposed Stage 1 Brabham Shopping Centre (Comprising of Shop, Tavern, Childcare Premises and Speciality Tenancies) - Lot 9040 Woollcott Avenue, BRABHAM 

The City has received an application to construct Stage 1 of the planned Brabham Shopping Centre on Lot 9040 Woollcott Avenue, Brabham. 

Stage 1 of the Shopping Centre is proposed to provide approximately 7,800m² of retail floorspace, including a supermarket and various specialty shops, and another 2,500m² of commercial floorspace for future hospitality, recreation, and office uses as well as a tavern, child care centre, and potential medical centre in the locations as shown on the enclosed Site Plans. 

The proposed tavern will include a 220m² open air beer garden, and the proposed child care centre will include an 845m² outdoor play space. 

The Shopping Centre development will also include a 516 bay central car park, 17 on-street parking bays within the main street, and landscaped pedestrian path linking the public open spaces and future District Community Centre in the north to Youle-Dean Road in the south.

 Development Plans(PDF, 21MB)

Landscape Concept Plan(PDF, 18MB)

Main Street Cross Section(PDF, 242KB)

Main Street Layout Plan(PDF, 549KB)

Planning Report Brabham Activity Centre Stage-1(PDF, 11MB)

Technical Appendix 1 Transport Impact Assessment Report(PDF, 4MB)

Technical Appendix 2 Stormwater Plan and Technical Note(PDF, 515KB)s

Technical Appendix 3 Acoustic Report(PDF, 1MB)

Closing date for submissions: October 31, 2017. Reference No: DA647-17. Responsible Officer: Asha Logan.

Proposed Change of Use to Tavern - Lot 11 (No.518) Great Northern Highway, MIDDLE SWAN 

The City has received the abovementioned proposal for consideration. 

The subject application proposes to change the approved use of "Restaurant" to "Tavern" to facilitate a Tavern Licence under the Liquor Control Act 1988. The application is intended to allow for greater flexibility for the patrons, who would be able to purchase an alcoholic beverage at the bar and then walk to a table and for persons only wishing to consume a beverage, rather than the current restrictions whereby a person must be seated to be served alcohol and must be consumed with a meal. 

Other modifications to the previous approval include:

  • Reducing the patron number from 244 persons to 170 persons;
  • Increase off-street parking from 65 parking bays to 72 parking bays with 2 bus bays; and
  • Increase the number of toilets from 6 to 15.

Tavern Application(PDF, 42MB)

Closing date for submissions: October 27, 2017. Reference No: DA599-17. Responsible Officer: Rebecca Lodge 


Proposed Tavern - Lots 11 & 22 (No.s 6791 & 6841) West Swan Road, WEST SWAN

The City has received the abovementioned proposal for consideration. 

This application proposes the demolition of all existing dwellings and all associated structures on the land to facilitate the construction of a new single storey tavern and associated facilities. The following key elements will be included as part of the development: 

  • Construction of a single storey building which will comprise a total floor area of 677m² (including verandah and patio areas). The building will include a 205m² of internal lounge/bar area and a 52m² of external lounge/bar area.
  • Construction of a children adventure playground area;
  • Provision of a landscaped outdoor garden area;
  • Construction of two (2) crossovers along the land's West Swan Road frontage; and
  • Construction of ninety two (92) on-site car parking bays, two (2) disabled bays and two (2) bus parking bays;
  • Provision of extensive landscaping, including the planting of grape vines and a feature windmill within the front setback area of the development.Details of the intended business operation are as follows:

In addition to the above, the proposed tavern will be focused on providing a 'family friendly' venue and will include a children's adventure park and large lawn areas to promote family fun and event. The venue will also comprise a restaurant that will offer breakfast and lunch services. 

Details of the intended business operation are as follows:

  • Monday & Tuesday          11am to 4pm
  • Wednesday -                    11am to 5pm
  • Thursday & Friday -         11am to late
  • Saturday & Sunday –       7am to late 

The proposed tavern will comprise two (2) access points along West Swan Road to ensure that functionality, safety and efficiency of vehicle movements is kept to a high standard. 

The proposed access arrangements and traffic considerations are analysed and addressed in the 'Traffic Impact Statement' prepared by 'I3 Consultants'.  The statement concludes the proposal does not result in any adverse traffic impacts and that the on-site car parking provided to support the proposed use is satisfactory.

Bushfire Attack-Level Report(PDF, 1MB)

Development Report(PDF, 8MB)

Transport Impact Statement(PDF, 3MB)

Plans(PDF, 22MB)

Closing date for submissions: October 31, 2017. Reference No: DA675-17. Responsible Officer: Phil Russell. 

Proposed Roadhouse, Restaurant/Tavern and Tourist Facilities - Lot 100 (No.3301) West Swan Road, CAVERSHAM 

The City has received an application for the development and use of the abovementioned site for a mixed use development south-west of the Suffolk Street / West Swan Road intersection invites you to make comment before close of business 7 November 2017. 

The following is a summary of the key particulars of the proposal: 

  • The proposal involves the development and use of the land for: 
    • A 24hrs service station with diner (Roadhouse) situated close to West Swan Road and Suffolk Street; 
    • A Tavern/Restaurant with 72 dining seats and an outdoor seating area located at the southern end of site near West Swan Road; 
    • A 13.5 metre high Serviced Apartment Building (Tourist Facility) with 35 short stay accommodation units over three-storeys situated between and behind the Roadhouse and Restaurant/Tavern; 
    • Common use of two new crossovers onto Suffolk Street and West Swan Road, and; 
    • Landscaping, a drainage swale and 156 car bays as shown on the plans. 
  • We are advertising this proposal to you because ‘Tavern’, ‘Roadhouse’ and ‘Tourist Facility’ are ‘A’ land uses that must be referred before the approving authority make a decision in the ‘Swan Valley Rural’ Zone. ‘Restaurant’ is a discretionary (‘D’) use on the land.   
  • The proposal involves a new, consolidated entry from West Swan Road with an internal roundabout. 
  • There are no prescribed minimum setbacks for such buildings in the ‘Swan Valley Rural’ zone; this is to be negotiated with the Council at the time of an application for approval to commence development. The following table summarises the key building setbacks, noting that car parking areas and access-ways are closer to all boundaries; see plans for details. 


Building Setbacks



Tavern/ Restaurant

Tourist Facility

Front (West Swan Rd)



No closer than Roadhouse or Tavern/Restaurant


Side (Suffolk St)

7.55m (fuel canopy)


No closer than Tourist Facility or Roadhouse


No closer than Roadhouse or Tavern/Restaurant



No closer than Tourist Facility or Tavern/Restaurant




Landscape Plan(PDF, 2MB)

Plans(PDF, 12MB)

Planning Report(PDF, 1MB)

Feature Survey(PDF, 702KB)

Transport Impact Assessment(PDF, 4MB)

Closing date for submissions: November 7, 2017. Reference No: DA661-17. Responsible Officer: Phil Russell 

Proposed Industry Additions (Asphalt Plants) - Lots 76 & 202 (No.398), Lot 4 (No.286) Stirling Crescent & Lot 800 (No.107) Lakes Road HAZELMERE

The City has received the abovementioned proposal for consideration.

The applicant seeks development approval to expand existing activities at the subject site through the addition of two (2) transportable asphalt manufacturing plants (approximately 250 and 350 tonne per hour) located at the southern portion of Lot 202.  Material storage bins exist at the subject site, but are proposed to be reconfigured to facilitate the proposed plants.  The proposed development would rely on Lots 76, 4 and 800 for vehicle access and manoeuvrability purposes.

A total of six (6) additional staff will work from the subject site to operate the proposed plant equipment.

Approximately 90 trucks (in and out) will deliver asphalt per day.  Approximately 45 trucks (in and out) will deliver raw materials to be used by the proposed plants.  An additional two (2) trucks (in and out) will deliver bitumen each day.

Report(PDF, 3MB)

Supporting Documents(PDF, 14MB)

Dust Management Plan(PDF, 10MB)

Environmental Policy(PDF, 235KB)

Noise Management Plan(PDF, 1MB)

Plans(PDF, 13MB)

Closing date for submissions October 20, 2017. Reference No: DA655-17. Responsible Officer: Rebecca Lodge.


Proposed Amendment - Modification to Approved Operating Hours -  Lot 2909 Lennard Street, HERNE HILL 

The City has received the abovementioned proposal for consideration. 

In November 2016, the City of Swan granted planning approval for a change of use of an existing building at Lot 2909 Lennard Street, Herne Hill to 'Reception Centre'. The approval was granted subject to a number of conditions including restrictions on patron numbers and operating hours. 

An application has now been received to amend the conditions of planning approval to allow for the following: 

  • An increase in the maximum number of patrons permitted on site at any one time from 70 to 130 persons; and 
  • Modify operating hours as follows:           


Previously approved




8.00am to 10.00pm



8.00am to 10.00pm



8.00am to 10.00pm



8.00am to 10.00pm



8.00am to midnight


4.00pm to 11.30pm

9.00am to midnight


10.00am to 5.00pm

9.00am to 11pm

Physical works proposed as part of this amendment are limited to an expansion of the car parking area to the rear of the reception centre.

Environmental Noise Assessment(PDF, 1MB)

Plans(PDF, 11MB)

Report(PDF, 183KB)

Transport Impact Statement(PDF, 319KB)

Closing date for submissions: October 19, 2017. Reference No: DA384-15/A. Responsible Officer: Patricia Hirst