Proposed development applications list

The City has received the following Development Application proposals, which may be of interest to local residents.

Anyone wishing to comment on any of the proposals may do so in writing on or before the nominated closing date.

Submissions should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, City of Swan, PO Box 196, Midland  WA  6936, quoting the relevant reference number.  

Proposed Siteworks and associated development to construct retaining walls and civil works - Lot 9 (No.20) Ford Street, WOODBRIDGE

The City has received an application for retaining walls and the site works at the above mentioned property.

The application has been lodged with the City to satisfy Condition 2 of a subdivision approval which requires the carrying out of works to ensure the land is filled, stabilised, drained and/or graded as required to ensure that the future lots can accommodate their intended use.

DA508-18-Plans(PDF, 2MB)

Closing date for submissions: September 24, 2018. Reference No: DA508-18 and DA480-18-18.  Responsible Officer: Alex Snadden

Proposed Use of the land for child care premises and associated development including car parking area, accessways and associated civil works, drainage and earthworks - Lot 4 (No.20) Repton Street, DAYTON

The City has received the abovementioned proposal for consideration.

The application is for a child care premises for up to 86 children with 18 staff that will operate up to 12 hours per day, Monday to Friday 6am to 6pm. 33 car bays are provided with access. No access is proposed to Lord Street and a single access to Repton Street.

DA497-18-Proposal(PDF, 759KB)

DA497-18-Plans(PDF, 2MB)  

Closing date for submissions: October 2, 2018. Reference No: DA497-18.  Responsible Officer: Dawie Jansen Van Rensburg

Proposed Additions and changes to existing butcher shop - Lot 7 (No.46) Great Northern Highway, MIDDLE SWAN

The City has received the abovementioned proposal for consideration.

The proposal entails additions to an existing butcher's shop (non-conforming use) with a parking shortfall of 17 bays (16 provided in lieu of the 33 bays required under the City's local planning policy for vehicle parking).

DA300-18-Proposal(PDF, 25KB)

DA300-18-Plans(PDF, 1015KB)

Closing date for submissions: October 2, 2018. Reference No: DA300-18.  Responsible Officer: Dawie Jansen Van Rensburg

Proposed Extractive Industry - Lot 9 (No.405) Jenkins Road, BULLSBROOK

Please be advised the City of Swan has received an application to extend the existing development approval and extractive industry license for a period of 20 years. The application consists of the following key points: 

  • A maximum tonnage removed per annum is between 10,000 and 20,000 tonnes per year a similar rate to what is existing. 
  • The current excavation area equates to 6.8 hectares, with another 22.9 hectares identified as resource. 
  • There are no changes to the scope and intensity of the excavation. 
  • The maximum depth of excavations varies between 1 - 4 metres below natural ground level. 
  • The proposed hours of operation will be 6:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday inclusive (excluding public holidays) for processing of material and excavation. 
  • The loading and transport of materials will occur between the hours of 7:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. 
  • The extraction is for the purpose of sand and gravel. 
  • The haulage route is north along Polinelli Road for all transport, except if there is a contact to the south along Jenkins road for a sand pad for a house. 
  • In summary the development proposes 10 laden truck movements per day, with most days having less than 5 lade truck movements.

 DA293-18-Response-to-further-information-letter-enquiry(PDF, 86KB)

DA293-18-Excavation-and-Rehabilitation-Management-Plan(PDF, 5MB)

Closing date for submissions: October 3, 2018. Reference No: DA293-18.  Responsible Officer: Alex Snadden

Proposed Amendment - Industry Extractive - Amend condition 2 to allow for the excavation of 2.4 tonnes sand - Lot 5892 Maralla Road, Lot 112 Warbrook Road & Lot 2946 (No.166) Halden Road, BULLSBROOK

The applicant has requested a modification to the below mentioned Condition 2 in the previously approved application to increase the excavation tonnage to 2.6 million tonnes of sand from the excavation pit.

The reasoning for this is CPB (the contractor construction Northlink stage 3 on behalf of Main Roads) has re-calculated their estimated tonnage requirements for the construction of the road. CPB now estimates they will need a minimum of 2,356,102 tonnes of sand from the sand quarry at Lot 5892 Maralla Road, Bullsbrook, in lieu of the previous estimated 1.8 million tonnes. Given these are estimates only the proponent has requested excavation is increased to 2.6 million tonnes to allow for any further excavation as required.

Currently, Condition 2 of the planning approval states as follows:

This approval is valid for: 

  1. Three (3) years from the date of the initial approval (15 November 2017). 


  2. The excavation of 1.8 million tonnes of sand from the excavation pit only. 

At the completion of the earliest of the above two points the development shall not be continued unless a new development approval is granted. This condition does not rescind the landowner's obligation to remediate the land at the completion of the excavation      works pursuant to condition 15 of this approval. 

There is no change to the days and times of the existing operations which is limited to Monday to Saturday excluding Sundays and public holidays and the hours of operation shall be limited to 7:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday and 7:00am to 3:00pm on Saturday. 

There is no change the approved route. The haulage vehicles going to and from the subject site and the delivery site(s) are restricted to the private arrangement across Lot 2946 No.166 Halden Road BULLSBROOK and Lot 112 Warbrook Road BULLSBROOK. No deviation from this approved route is permitted without prior approval of the City. If a traffic controller or similar person is not available to control movements, non-licensed Haulage Vehicles (articulated dump trucks) are not permitted to cross Halden Road.

Closing date for submissions: September 26, 2018. Reference No: DA718-17/B.  Responsible Officer: Alex Snadden

Proposed Use of the land for telecommunications infrastructure and associated development to install a monopole with antennas, outdoor cabinet and bollards - Lot 300 (No.306) Victoria Road, MALAGA

The City has received the abovementioned proposal for consideration.

Prior to Council giving consideration to the proposal, comments from surrounding owners are sought.

The proposal consists of the construction of a telecommunications facility comprising:

  • A fenced compound dimensioned 8.0m x 5.6m surrounded by a 2.4m high security fence and 3m wide double access gates;
  • A new 23.8m high monopole constructed within the compound;
  • A hexagonal headframe attached to the top of the monopole, supporting six (6) 12-port panel antennas (presenting as 12 panel sections);
  • Eighteen (18) Remote Radio Units (RRUs) attached to the headframe;
  • One (1) equipment shelter; (3m x 2m) built within the fenced compound area and associated ancillary equipment and earthworks for footings.

DA523-18-Plans(PDF, 838KB)

Closing date for submissions: October 4, 2018. Reference No: DA523-18.  Responsible Officer: Dawie Jansen Van Rensburg

Proposed Amendment to Conditions 2-4, 10 and 12 - Tourist Facility (Cabin or Chalet) and Reception Centre - Lot 50 (No.8990) West Swan Road, HENLEY BROOK 

On the 8 June 2018, Council at its Ordinary Council Meeting resolved to approve a 'Tourist Facility (Cabin or Chalet), Café, Reception Centre and Agriculture-Intensive Use' on Lot 50 (No.8990) West Swan Road, Henley Brook, subject to conditions.

The applicant has applied to amend Conditions 2 - 4, 7, 10 and 12 of the Development Approval as listed below:

"2. The operating hours for the Reception Centre use are limited to 3:00m to 10:00pm on weekends only"

The applicant has proposed operating hours for the Reception Centre from 10:00am to midnight, with music ceasing at 11:30pm, with the functions also including weekdays (such as public holidays).

"3. All amplified voice emissions and speeches shall cease at 9:00pm"

The applicant has proposed removing this condition, given there may be occassions when someone is likely to use a micrphone to make an announcement, such as notifying guests that music is to cease by 11:30pm.

"4. All music emissions (both amplified and non-amplified) shall cease at 10:00pm"

The applicant has proposed cease all music emissions (both amplified and non-amplified) at 11:30pm.

"7. Prior to any function being held which seeks to use amplified music, the applicant/owner must install an in-house sound amplified system with an integrated compressor fully calibrated and with tamper proof calibrated volume adjustments, so that the average sound pressure level is 75dB(A) at 1m from the speaker. The amplified system is to be located on the area annotated on the Site Plan, to the satisfaction of the City of Swan Manager of Health and Building Services"

The applicant has requested the City review the level of sound from the amplified system to increase this level. 

"10. The hours of operation for the café are limited from Wednesday to Sunday 11:00am to 5:00pm, and 11:00am to 3:00pm when there is a function"

The applicant originally requested for the Café to operate between Wednesday to Sunday, however, has since requested for the hours of operation to include Monday to Tuesday.

 "12. A total of 59 car parking bays shall be provided onsite. Vehicle access onto the site and car parking locations on site shall be restricted to that shown on the approved site plan”

DA208-17-Ordinary-Council-Minutes-Proposed-Tourist-Facility-Cabin-or-Chalet-and-Reception-Centre.pdf(PDF, 3MB)

Closing date for submissions: October 2, 2018. Reference No: DA208-17/A.  Responsible Officer: Aviva Mahfouda