Heritage Areas

What is a ‘heritage area’?

A ‘heritage area’ is an area which is considered to have significant cultural heritage and character, and is designated under clause 7.2 of the City’s Local Planning Scheme No. 17. Once an area is designated as a ‘heritage area’, special planning controls take effect in order to conserve and enhance the significant cultural heritage and character of the area.

The City of Swan has designated heritage areas within the suburbs of Guildford and Woodbridge.

What Council policies and guidelines are likely to affect a proposal within a ‘heritage area’?

Local Planning Policies that are likely to affect a development application within a heritage area include:  

  1. Guildford Conservation Precincts Policy (POl-C-106)(PDF, 2MB)
  2. Woodbridge Conservation Precincts Policy (POL-C-111)(PDF, 1MB)

Can I develop within a Heritage Area?

If your property is located within a Heritage Area, development approval will most likely be required for any alterations, additions or new development.

Within a heritage area (or precinct), the primary objective is to ensure the conservation of those elements that contribute to the area’s significance. Not every building will be significant, and the removal or alteration of non-significant fabric or the development of these sites, is not usually a major concern. The objective is to ensure that where development does occur, it occurs in a manner which is appropriate to the significance, character and appearance of the Policy area.