Residential Design Codes (R-Codes)


The Residential Design Codes are commonly called the "R-Codes" and provide a comprehensive basis for local governments to control residential development.

They generally apply to residential zones throughout Western Australia. They also specify the requirements for development control and minimise the need for separate planning policies for residential development.

Where can I view the R-Codes?

You can view the Residential Design Codes of Western Australia (R-Codes) on the Department of Planning website. If you need a copy you should contact them directly.

What does it mean when I am in a dual-coded area?

When considering an application for approval for a residential development, or a residential built strata application, and when making a recommendation to the Commission in respect of a subdivision for ‘Residential’ zoned land, within a dual coded area, the Council is to apply the base density code and may increase the density in excess of the base code and up to the highest code designated for up to two lots.

Where more than two grouped dwellings, multiple dwellings, or lots are proposed, the Council may increase the density in excess of the base code and up to the highest code provided the total lot area is greater than 1300m2; and where the application proposes more than four grouped dwellings and/or four multiple dwellings or more than four strata lots, or where the subdivision or survey strata subdivision application proposes to create more than four lots, at least one dwelling or lot must be provided as a single bedroom dwelling or as an aged or dependant persons dwelling. 

Need help with planning issues?

Call a representative from the City's planning team on 9267 9267 for assistance.