Reporting food issues or food complaints

Waiter waitress serving two plates of food

The City’s Health Services regularly conducts unannounced inspections of all food premises operating within the district. However we cannot be everywhere all the time and do rely on members of the public also reporting issues to us.

If you:

  • Have witnessed a food business within Swan not complying with safe food handling practices
  • Have fallen ill and believe it is from food you have consumed from a food business within Swan
  • Have purchased food from a food business in Swan that you believe is not safe.

Contact the City of Swan's Customer Services on 9267 9267 to report this issue of follow this link to access our complaint form.

If the issue is in relation to food you have purchased and you still have some of it left over you should place it in your freezer until such time as you can submit it to the City or it can be collected. The City can send food samples to a laboratory for further analyses to help substantiate the complaint.