The City's Health Services - what we do


At the City's Health Services we are a multi-disciplinary team of professionals committed to protecting Public Health.  We do this by managing health risks to the community, using different approaches across our areas of influence. 

As an example, we have over 800 food premises in the City of Swan, and in general the City’s Health Services conduct over 1700 inspections annually to ensure businesses were being maintained and operated to the required standard. During this period we also receive about  800 complaints on issues including noise, air pollution, food, pests and other health matters.  85% of the complaints are addressed within 30 days following an investigation.  We also issue over 400 licences and approvals for things such as effluent disposal, street trading applications and public events.

Key areas of importance:

  • Community health and wellbeing
    • Healthy lifestyle choices
  • Disease control
    • Notifiable and infectious disease investigation
  • Food safety
    • Approval of food premise activities
    • Routine inspection of food operations
    • Routine food sampling program
    • Complaint investigation
    • Education via free access to I'm Alert
  • Hazardous materials
    • Asbestos
    • Contaminated sites
  • Housing and accommodation
    • Caravan parks and camping grounds
    • House unfit for habitation
  • Other premise types
    • Hairdressers and skin penetration premises
    • Lodging houses
    • Offensive trades
  • Pest control and vectors of disease
    • Flies, midge, mosquitoes, rats and mice
  • Pollution and nuisance control
    • Air quality
    • Noise
    • Other
  • Public buildings and events
    • Approval of premise
    • Routine inspection
  • Safe water
    • Monitoring of drinking water in areas not connected to scheme water
    • Monitoring of recreational water quality
    • Monitoring of public swimming pool water quality
  • Wastewater disposal systems
    • Approval of septics, ATU's and grey water systems
    • Complaint investigation

Follow the links to individual topics to know more about Health services and what we do, alternatively if you can't find what you're looking for on our website please contact the City directly on 9267 9267.