Dealing with Problems from Waste Water


Water Corporation: If the problem is with the Water Corporation’s sewer you can contact them on 13 13 75 to report the fault.

Private Property: If the problem lies with the property's plumbing (on site disposal system or prior to sewer connection point) then the owner is responsible for undertaking repairs. They should engage the services of a licenced plumber to undertake any repairs.

Old Onsite Disposal Systems: Onsite effluent disposal systems will not function forever. Over time the soil surrounding the leach drains becomes clogged and saturated with fats which prevent it draining properly. If you have an old system which is not draining correctly your leach drains may need rejuvenating.  To do this the existing soil surrounding the leach drains is removed and disposed of and new clean soil reinstated. Approval for this work is not required by the City unless the actual leach drains are going to be replaced.

Obtaining Plans: Copies of plans may be available from the City. However depending on the age of the property this is not always the case or the quality of the information may be limited.  If the property is connected to sewer the Building Licence may show the plumbing lines. If there is an onsite disposal system then this will be shown in the septic approval. Contact the City on 9267 9267.

Odour Complaints: If you experience odour issues from a neighbouring property you should discuss the problem with them.  If you are still unhappy you may report the issue to the City’s Health Services who will investigate the situation further. Contact the City on 9267 9267 or follow this link to access our complaint form.