The art of reusing and upcycling unwanted goods

Reusing and upcycling unwanted goods in a useful, creative way, is growing increasingly popular. It is all about finding a new purpose for someone else’s, or your own, discarded items.

For example, an old desk can be sanded, repainted and given a new lease of life, or an old blanket could be converted into the perfect cushion cover.

The great thing about reusing unwanted goods is that it helps the environment by reducing landfill as well as reducing the need for manufactured goods. On top of that, it’s fun to do, it saves money and sometimes even makes money, and the only energy being used is your own!

Goods such as bedheads, wardrobes, dressing tables, frames, textiles and chairs can be found in classified advertisements, verge collections, garage sales and swap meets, or at the Bullsbrook Recycling Centre Tip Shop!

The Bullsbrook Recycling Centre Tip Shop is located at 121 Stock West Road Bullsbrook and is open Thursdays to Sundays 8.30am to 4.30pm. The shop is stocked will all sorts of items from artwork to large pieces of furniture, gym equipment, barbecues, toys, dinner sets and knick-knacks priced below $50.

Bring along your identification and proof of address and shop while reducing our environmental footprint!