Water efficient products

Water efficient appliances are now widely available from a variety of retail and speciality stores where bathroom, kitchen and toilet fittings are available. When purchasing products look for the water efficiency WELS rating sticker to choose a more water efficient appliance. If building or renovating, choose waterwise showerheads, tap fittings and toilets and think about whether a rainwater tank or greywater reuse system might be suitable for improving water efficiency in your home.

The Water Corporation has some great tips for saving water on their website and the Australian government's Your Energy Savings and Your Home websites also provide good information about saving water and learning how to reduce water demand inside and outside your home.


WELS ratings

WELS is Australia's Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards scheme. Under the scheme certain products must be registered and labelled with their water efficiency. This helps you to choose more water efficient products, and save not only water and money, but the greenhouse gases that would be emitted in the process of transporting that water to your house/business/school.

The WELS scheme estimates that by 2021 using water efficient products will help to:

  • reduce domestic water use by more than 100,000 megalitres each year
  • save over 800,000 megalitres by 2021 (this is more water than the amount in Sydney Harbour); and
  • reduce total greenhouse gas output by 400,000 tonnes each year - equivalent to removing 90,000 cars from the road each year.

Over one third of the water savings will come from more efficient showers, about 34 per cent from washing machines and 23 per cent from toilets and urinals.

The WELS scheme applies to the following products:

Plumbing items - showers, tap equipment and flow controllers (optional)

Sanitary ware - toilet (lavatory) and urinal equipment

White goods - washing machines and dishwashers

To find out how water efficient these products are look at the water rating label – the more stars on the label, the less water will be used by the product, and the more money you will save.

Find out more about the WELS scheme and what the water rating label can tell you.