Whitegoods efficiency

Washing machines

About 50 per cent of the water savings under the WELS scheme comes from clothes washers because:

  • a water efficient clothes washer uses one-third the water of an older model, and
  • by 2016, WELS rated clothes washers could save about 25,600 megalitres of water per year in Australia - enough to fill 12,500 Olympic swimming pools every 12 months.

The minimum water efficiency standard specifies that:

  • Machines with a capacity of five or more kilos (of clothes per load) must have a rating of at least three stars, and
  • Machines with a capacity of less than five kilos (of clothes per load) must have a rating of at least two and a half stars.

Front load washers often have a higher WELS rating when compared to top loaders.


WELS rated dishwashers save water because:

  • the most efficient dishwashers use half the water of average models, and
  • by 2016, WELS rated dishwashers could save nearly 1,200 megalitres a year in national dishwasher water consumption - enough water to fill 600 Olympic swimming pools each year. 

To find out the water consumption of washing machines and dishwashers by star-rating and brand, use the WELS product search option.