Water is a precious resource

Water is a precious resource in Western Australia, so it’s essential we find ways to reduce consumption and protect our water sources.

By keeping water catchments in good condition we help preserve the health of our waterways . In the City of Swan, our catchments drain into waterways which eventually drain into the Swan River. The health of water catchments is extremely important, so the City completes regular water quality monitoring at various sites including popular swimming beaches along the Swan River.

We can help to avoid polluting our waterways with nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus that cause algal blooms in our rivers and lakes, and whilst our plants love fertilisers, algae thrive on it too. Therefore, it is important to reduce the amount of fertilisers, pesticides and soil amendment products we use so they don’t leach into our groundwater and end up in our creeks, rivers and lakes.

Using less water is also really important and there are numerous ways we can do this without affecting our lifestyle. For example, using waterwise plants on your verge or in the garden, installing water efficient products , collecting rainwater or using waste water to irrigate gardens will all help to reduce the amount of water we use at home. For more information about saving water, the Water Corporation provides ideas and tips.