Become a Friends Group member

A Friends Group usually consists of a few people working together informally to conserve and protect a local reserve under the management of City of Swan. Friends Groups work voluntarily in their own time and at their own pace. You choose the activities most suited to the needs and objectives of your reserve based on your abilities and the time you have available, in consultation with the City.

Activities you can get involved with include:

  • Planting native trees
  • Weed and rubbish removal
  • Dieback control
  • Protecting and restoring habitat for native species
  • Creekline restoration.

Being in a Friends Group allows you to:

  • Meet new people with a similar environmental passion
  • Learn about WA's unique bushland
  • Conserve and restore the natural environment
  • Get active and enjoy the outdoors!

The City of Swan supports Friends Groups by providing:

  • Environmental and technical advice
  • Training and education
  • Funding and budget assistance
  • Seedlings to plant in the reserve
  • Insurance and safety gear.

If you would like to form a Friends Group or join one in your area, please contact the City's Coordinator Natural Environmental Maintenance on 9267 9443 for more information.

Read the City's Friends Group Manual(PDF, 948KB) online to find out more.