Litter & illegal dumping

There are many forms of littering and the City's Community Safety Advocates will investigate all reports. We also conduct regular clean-ups, collecting wind-blown litter from major arterial roads and illegally dumped litter on verges. 

To ensure everyone continues to enjoy our City, we’ve placed litter bins on streets and parks throughout the City, however there are times that litter is illegally dumped. For example:  

  • any material that is thrown/allowed to fall or blown from a vehicle
  • placing bulk waste on your verge before the due date
  • disused vehicles left in a public place.

Littering is an offence under the Litter Act 1979 and modified penalties can be imposed. Did you know littering carries a fine of up to $63,000 for individuals and $125,000 for corporations?

Reporting litterers and illegal dumping

If you witness anyone dumping rubbish in a public place, or see rubbish placed on a verge outside of collection times, please contact the City in any of the following ways:

  • Report online 
  • Email
  • Call Customer Support on 9267 9267
  • Send us a message on Facebook 

You can help to reduce litter by becoming a Keep Australia Beautiful WA registered Litter Reporter and reporting offences to Keep Australia Beautiful WA.  Once you have registered you will be sent an information kit and allocated an identification number.  

Adopt a Spot

Whether you are an individual or a community group, business or school, you can become involved in Adopt-A-Spot to do your bit for a cleaner environment. 

Building Sites

The City of Swan's Local Laws(DOC, 578KB) require all building sites to have a bin with a lid/cover onsite for all rubbish. If you're aware of a building site that does not have a bin, please contact the City's Customer Services on 9267 9267.