On-call mattress collection

Mattresses will no longer be collected from verge collections. Instead, the City will be commencing year round collection of mattresses on an on-call basis. 

Mattresses will be collected on a five week rotation by Place area. Please refer to the Place area map and collection schedule. Only confirmed bookings will result in a collection.

Please call 9267 9267 to book your mattress collection service. 

Frequently asked questions

Q. Am I still able to place a mattress on the verge for my annual junk verge collection?

A. No, the City will no longer accept mattresses on the verge during these collections and it will not be collected.

Q. How many mattresses will be collected from my property?

A. The City of Swan will collect up to three mattresses per household per year. An ensemble is equal to two items (mattress and base).

Q. Is there a size restriction on the mattress?

A. No, there is no size restriction only the maximum of three per year.

Q. Will the City collect bed bases as well?

A. Yes, bed bases will be collected and will count towards your collection quota of three items per household per year.

Q. How long will it take before my mattress is collected?

A. Mattresses are to be placed out no earlier than 24 hours prior to your notified collection day. For example if your collection is on Friday July 6, 2018 from 6am, the mattress needs to be placed out on the verge 24 hours prior from Thursday, July 5, 2018, 6am. Outside this timeframe will be classified as illegal dumping and may incur a fine.

Q. What if I have exceeded my limit of three mattresses per year via the on call mattress collection?

A. Other options are available to dispose of your mattresses free of charge by taking them to one of nine recyclable goods drop off days or to the new recycling centre in Bullsbrook once available. Contact the City's Waste Services on 9267 9267 for details. 

Q. Will my mattress be collected from lane ways?

A. Yes, although we will not collect any items placed against walls, fences, poles, trees, sprinklers and other utilities.

Q. Is this service available to people outside the City of Swan?

A. No, this on call system is only available to domestic households located within the City of Swan boundary. The address of the property is required for the work request to be processed.

Q. What is the collection schedule for mattresses in my area?

A. Mattresses will be collected on a five week rotation by Place area. Use the Place area map to determine which Place area you are in and then use the collection roster to see when your next collection round begins. Please note only confirmed bookings will result in your mattress being collected. To book your collection service please contact us on 9267 9267.

Place Areas



On-call mattress collection dates by Place area in 2018
  Rnd 5, 2017 Rnd 1, 2018 Rnd 2, 2018 Rnd 3, 2018 Rnd 4, 2018
Midland   Nov 24 Jan 12 Feb 23 Apr 6 May 11
 Rural  Dec 1 Jan 19 Mar 2 Apr 13 May 18
 Ellenbrook  Dec 8 Feb 2 Mar 9 Apr 20 May 25
 Ballajura  Dec 15 Feb 9 Mar 16 Apr 27 Jun1
 Altone  Dec 22 Feb 16 Mar 23 May 4 Jun 8