Entry on to the Heritage List

The Heritage List comprises the following management categories from the Local Heritage Survey (2019).

Places of Exceptional Significance

High level of planning oversight required to ensure no adverse impacts on significance.

  • All works require approval.
  • A Heritage Impact Statement will be required if proposed works are not according to a Conservation Plan.

The majority of the places considered to be of Exceptional Significance are already entered in the State Register of Heritage Places, and subject to advice from the State Heritage Office.

Places of Considerable Significance

Some changes will be allowed without approval. For example:

  • All interior works, unless approval for these works is required under Local Planning Policy.
  • Maintenance and repair.

A Heritage Impact Statement will only be required for major works or substantial redevelopment. 

Does entry in the Local Heritage Survey protect a property?

The City of Swan’s Local Heritage Survey provides recognition of a place's importance to the local community. Places entered in the Inventory do not have statutory protection, unless they are also listed in the City’s Heritage List under Local Planning Scheme No. 17, are within the Guildford or Woodbridge heritage precincts, or have been entered in the State Register of Heritage Places.