Historical places of interest



The City owns places that are considered to be of local cultural heritage significance. Conservation plans have been prepared and are regularly updated for each of these places.

The purpose of a conservation plan is to make an archaeological and historical assessment of a building or site (place). It states why the place is significant and what policies and management practices are to be put in place to ensure that its significance is retained.

Conservation plans are currently available to view in the Local History room at Midland Library for each of the following places:

  • Garrick Theatre (formerly Guildford Commissariat Store and Quarters
  • Guildford Courthouse (currently Swan Valley Visitor Centre
  • Guildford Fire Station
  • Guildford Fire Station - House
  • Guildford Gaol
  • Guildford Library (formerly Council Chambers)
  • Guildford Mechanics Institute
  • Guildford Village Potters (formerly Guildford Police Quarters Number 1)
  • Guildford Town Hall
  • Judy Hamersley House (formerly Guildford Police Quarters Number 2)
  • Midland Junction Arts Centre
  • Midland Lotteries House (formerly Midland Post Office)
  • Midland Town Hall
  • Old Midland Courthouse
  • Water Corporation Building

Further information

 The State Heritage Office website contains documentation to support the placing of buildings on the State Register of Heritage Places.

Woodbridge House is a National Trust property and open for inspection by visitors. Find information about Woodbridge and other interesting historical places to visit on the National Trust of Australia website.

The Midland Town Hall is one of Midland's best known buildings and a City of Swan icon.