Parking initiatives and outcomes


Stay up to date with all the City's parking strategies and have your say on future proposals.


The Midland Access and Parking Strategy(PDF, 592KB)  seeks to balance parking and other access modes in Midland. The strategy suggests ways that Midland remains a vibrant business and service centre with a gradual evolution toward public transport usage and complementary increases in parking capacity. The document was advertised for public comment during July 2012 and was adopted in March 2013.

The Guildford Access and Parking Strategy provides guidance for the development and use of parking in the future and responds to currently perceived parking issues. Development of the strategy was undertaken with full consideration of Guildford’s heritage and included extensive community engagement. The recommendations contained in the strategy are focused on safety, parking management, cash-in-lieu, alternative modes of transport particularly cycling and walking and compliance.

The strategy was endorsed by Council on September 7, 2016.

The Malaga Parking Strategy aims to balance the requirement for provision of suitably located and shared verge parking, to support business viability, with appropriate development and use of parking according to planning policy requirements.