Heavy Haulage

Restricted access vehicles are those vehicles which together with their load exceed a regulation mass or dimension limit. Further information regarding the restricted access vehicles can be found on the Main Roads WA website.

All restricted access vehicles must apply to the City of Swan using the application form below for approval to use local roads.

Assessment fees are as follows:
Single trip $132
Multiple trips (Annual fee) $374

(DOCX, 39KB)Route Access Application by Transport Operator Form(PDF, 164KB)

Traffic Management Plans

The City of Swan is obliged to promote safe and consistent traffic management practice on roads in accordance with state legislation and national standards. Road works and community events can create potential hazards leading to injury and/or damage, if reasonable care is not taken to protect both road users and road workers.

All road works and events that may impact traffic on local roads require a traffic management plan to be submitted for authorisation by the City of Swan. Traffic Management Plans must be prepared and implemented by appropriately accredited personnel. Where applicable an assessment fee will apply. You can view the City's Traffic Management Guidelines(PDF, 1MB) online or by visiting the City of Swan Administration building and requesting a printed copy. The City values the safety of our road users and encourages all agencies to ensure their traffic management is compliant with the relevant standards, codes of practice and guidelines at all times. Download our Top 10 Do's and Don'ts of Traffic Management guide(PDF, 2MB) for more information. You might like to print it out to take to a job to ensure compliant traffic management.

Traffic Management Plans can be submitted online, by mail or in person at the City of Swan Administration Building using the completed application for the approval of traffic management for roadworks form(PDF, 95KB).

If you require traffic management approval as part of an event this will be assessed in your event application.

Should you have any queries please direct them to the Traffic Management Officer : Phone 9267 9188.


Fatal crash statistics

Road name  2008  2009  2010  2011  2012  2013  Total 
Alexander Dv             1
 Benara Rd          
 Gnangara Rd        
 Illawara Cr        1      1
 Kingfisher Av      1        1
 Marshall Rd            1
 Morrison Rd/Roe Hwy          
 Neaves Rd        1    2
 Padbury Av    1          1
 Railway Pde        1      1
 Truganina Rd            1
 Victoria Rd (Malaga)    1          1
 Warbrook Rd      1        1
 West Swan Rd    2    2  2    6
 Lloyd  St          1    1
 Berry Rd            1  1
 Morley Drive            1  1

City of Swan approach to road safety measures

Both a proactive and reactive approach to road safety is applied within our road networks.

Local Area Traffic Management studies commissioned through an independent consultant are planned on a suburb by suburb basis throughout the City. 

The following recommendations are to be prioritised and included in an ongoing programme for implementation: 

Suburb  Treatment 
  • New Traffic Control : Signal Great Eastern Hwy / Ferguson St
  • Bushby St / Morrison Rd - installation of Seagull treatment
  • Wellaton St / Morrison Rd - installation of raised threshold entry treatment with 40 km/h speed limit
  • Wellaton St – installation of pedestrian crossing for safe school children crossing    
  • Hackett St / Alice St – installation of median island on both approaches of Alice St at the intersection 
  • Hackett St / Albert St : Croydon St – Relocate the street light pole
  • Miller St / Albert St : increase radius on Albert St to cater for large vehicles
  • Install lighting at the intersection of: Robinson Rd / Lennard Gdn; Robinson Rd / Robert St; Robinson Rd / Rason Pde.
  • Central median treatment on Rason Pde
  • Installation of street lighting at the corner of Bulbey St & Irwin St, along Little Harold St & at the corner of Mount St.  
 Henley Brook
  • Robert St / Gnangara Rd : Left in & Left out treatment – consultation required with residents 
  • Gnangara Rd / Henley Brook Ave : Proposed Black Spot 2016/17
  • John St – Eastern End (replace crash barrier)
  • West Swan Rd – Route black length study
  • Gnangara Rd – Cycle Slow Point (upgrade staggered frame), Pedestrian movement study across road, repair crash barrier leading terminal 
  •  Stirling Crescent / Lakes Rd, Bushmead Rd / Wynne St, Bushmead Rd / Janet St, Wingate Ave / Christina St, Bushmead Rd / Central Ave, Stirling Cr / Amherst Rd, Lakes Rd / Vale Rd – Channelisation 
  • Hazelmere Circus / Lakes Rd – Channelisation or roundabout subject to detailed design 
  • Hazelmere Circus / Mary St, Hazelmere Circus / Whitehall Rd – Channelisation or roundabout. 
  • Alexander Dr, Beach Rd & Marshall Rd – Review Access numbers – for future study 
  • Oxleigh Dr / Townsend St – enlarge refuge island 
  • Beach Rd / Bonner Dr & Victoria Rd / Malaga Dr – Appropriate countermeasure treatment as per Road Safety Audit 2014/15 recommendation 
  • Marshall Rd / Malaga Dr / Beach Rd – appropriate countermeasure treatment – black spot submission 
  • Alexander Dr – consider restricting right turn in – comprehensive analysis required 
  • Marshall Rd / Guadalupe Dr – install roundabout by developer (done) 
  • Truganina Rd / Victoria Rd – Black length studies 
  • Weir Rd / Principal Link – new street light – included in street light program
  • Camboon Rd, Oxleigh Dr & Victoria Rd – Assess street lighting conditions   
  • Meadow St & Swan St – Improve deflection on roundabout 
  • Kings St / Kings Meadow and Market St / Helena St / Hill St – new roundabouts
  • Attfield St, Swan St, Stirling St – appropriate countermeasure treatments based on further assessment
  • Water St - appropriate countermeasure treatments based on further assessment (slowpoint treatmenttoprevent truck movement)     

Past traffic safety projects

 Year     Location  Project
 2010/11 Altone Rd and BenaraRdintersection Modify the existing traffic signal
  Camboon RdandTruganina Rdintersectionin Malaga     Installation of a roundabout
  Beach Rd and CrockerDrintersection in Malaga Apply anti-skid treatment onbothapproaches of Beach Rd at theintersection
  Beach Rd and OxleighDrintersection in Malaga Apply anti-skid treatment onbothapproaches of Beach Rd at theintersection
  Neaves Rd andRailwayPde and MucheaSouthRd intersectioninBullsbrook Installation of indented left turn laneonNeaves Rd and localised wideningonMuchea South and RailwayPdeintersection
  Bishop Rd and LloydStintersection inMiddleSwan     Installation of left turn lane on Lloyd St
 2011/12 Bushmead Rd andMilitaryRd intersectioninHazelmere Installation of left turn lane on Military Rd
  Toodyay Rd andLewisJones Crossintersectionin Stratton Installation of a left turn lane on LewisJonesCross and installation of a paintedright turnpocket on Toodyay Rd
  Weir Rd and PrincipalLinkintersection inMalaga Median island treatment
  Malaga Dr andBeringarraAv intersectionin Malaga Installation of a left turn lane onBeringarraAv
  Alexander Dr andVictoriaRd intersection inMalaga Modify the existing traffic signal 
 2012/13  West Swan RdandGnangara Rdintersectionin HenleyBrook Installation of a roundabout
  West Swan RdandBenara Rdintersection inCaversham Installation of a roundabout
  Bermuda DrandSummerlakesintersectionin Ballajura Median island on Bermuda Dr
 2013/14 Marshall Rd and BellefinDrintersection inMalaga     Modify existing traffic signal andapply skidresistance treatment onBellefin Drapproach 
  Marshall Rd, Trade RdandBusiness Wayintersection inMalaga     Skid resistance treatment onbothapproaches on Marshall Rd(throughtraffic), upgrade streetlighting 
  Great Northern HighwayandRutland Rdintersection inBullsbrook Left turn land on Rutland Rd attheintersection, provision of a streetlight 
  Gnangara Rd, Lord StandPinaster PdeintersectioninEllenbrook      Apply skid resistance treatment ontheapproaches of Lord St andPinasterPde, upgrade street lighting 
  Lord St and Harrow St,Brabham   Upgrade street lights


Black Spot programme improvements

In addition to planned improvement to the network the City also targets problematic areas through the Black Spot Programme.

The following projects were successfully funded under the 2014/15 Black Spot Program:

Location Project


Intersection Alexander Dr & Illawarra Cres Nth in Ballajura

Installation of new traffic signals


Intersection Morrison Rd & Farrall Rd in Midvale

Modification of existing traffic signals

Intersection Mornington Pwy & Coolamon Bvd
in Ellenbrook
Installation of a new roundabout  2014/15
Clenton Rd between O'Brien Rd & Berry Rd,
Seal shoulders, install centreline markings with
RRPM & Edge line markings
O'Brien Rd, between Toodyay Rd & Clenton Rd,
Seal shoulders, install centreline markings with
RRPM & Edge line markings


The following projects are funded under the 2015/16 Black Spot Program: 

Location Project Year
 Great Eastern Hwy / Ferguson St intersection in Midland         Installation of new traffic signals                                                                                  2015/16 
 Neaves Rd, Bullsbrook     Seal shoulders, edge line markings & installation of RRPM 2015/16 
 Marangaroo Dve & Illawarra Cr, Ballajura Installation of pre-deflection on Marangaroo Dr approaches      2015/15 
 Alexander Dve & Beach Rd, Malaga                                               

Apply skid resistance treatment on Alexander Dr approaches 

& Beach Rdapproach. Reinstate faded line markings 

 Cassowary Dr, Ballajura Upgrade existing street lighting  2015/16 
 Campersic Rd between Dalgety Rd & William St Seal shoulders where appropriate & edge line markings 2015/16