nbn™ network for the City of Swan


nbnnetwork construction has begun in the City of Swan

The nbn™ network is Australia’s new fast and reliable landline phone and internet network. It’s designed to connect Australians to each other, and connect Australia to the world.

Construction of the nbn™ network is now underway in parts of the City of Swan.

To check if your premise is nbn ready:

  • Check your address: Find out if the nbn™ network is available at your address. Visit nbn.com.au and use the address checker on the homepage.
  • Register for updates: If the nbn™ network is not yet available, register for email updates.
  • nbn will let you know: Once you’ve registered for updates with nbn, they’ll email you when your home or business is ready to connect.
  • Choose the right plan: You can connect to the nbn™ network through a range of providers offering a choice of nbn™ plans.
  • Contact your service provider: Switching is not automatic, so contact a phone or internet service provider.

Connection is not automatic. For further information on when connection is scheduled for your address, visit the nbn™ website and use the address checker on the homepage or call 1800 687 626.

For a detailed view on what's happening in the City you can explore the network rollout map at nbn.com.au/rolloutmap.