Organising a public event

The City of Swan plays host to a wide range of events each year, ranging from small market days to major festivals.

These events generate a sense of community, provide entertainment, bring visitors to our City and make it a great place to live, work and play.

The City is responsible for approving all events run in the City of Swan to ensure that they comply with a range of health and safety requirements.

This includes public events on both City owned land and privately owned properties.

The City’s events team are here to help you through the event application process and provide advice on the specific requirements for your event. They will be the centralised contact point for your application, and liaise with all other teams within the City on your behalf.

Do you have an event related query? Contact the City’s Events team on 9278 9646 or email

The public event approval process is outlined below: 

Public event approval process

Step 1.Read the Event Guide:

Read through the City of Swan Public Event Guide to ensure you understand all requirements for hosting an event in the City of Swan. The guide will assist you in preparing all of the required information for your event application.

If you are uncertain about the level of approval your event will require, please contact the events team for advice. 

Step 2.Apply for your Event Approval:

Complete and submit the online Public Event Application form, ensuring that you attach all required supporting information.

Online Public Event Application Form 

Alternatively, you can download and fill in the writable Public Event Application PDF.

We encourage you to submit your application at least 6 weeks prior to your event to allow for adequate processing time.  

Step 3.The events team will review your application:

The events team will review your application and advise if any further information is required to process the approval.

Once the required information has been received, your application will be sent to the relevant City teams for processing.

The turnaround time for approvals is four weeks from the date the City receives ALL required information.

Where the event is being held on City owned land, we will also check availability and make a tentative booking of the facility on your behalf at this step. 

Step 4.Review approval conditions and pay fees:

The City will notify you when your event has been approved and advise of any conditions that you will need to adhere to.

Where the event is being held on City owned land, you will also be provided with a booking confirmation and facility access instructions.

You will also be provided with an invoice/s for payment of the relevant fees and charges for your event. This may include the public event application fee, venue hire, waste management and special permits (noise management, traffic management etc). Payment of these fees is required prior to the commencement of your event. 

When organising an event you should pay due consideration to your guests safety.

The Event Risk Register and Control Plan Template(XLSX, 680KB) will help you to identify and control risks. The Event Risk Register Template Guide(PDF, 2MB) provides guidance on how to fill it out. 

The City welcomes grant applications from community groups and not-for-profit organisations that are seeking support for projects, activities and events that address identified community needs.

The Swan Volunteer Resource Centre provides support, training and assistance to not-for-profit organisations, sporting clubs and groups looking for volunteers. 

If you lead, coordinate or manage volunteers or if your organisation involves volunteers in any way, we encourage you to find out how we can assist you. Read more about managing volunteers.