Review of dog access areas

Submissions closing on 31 January 2022, 05:00 PM

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The City of Swan is reviewing dog access in our public areas - where dog exercise is either allowed, on-lead only, or prohibited.

Currently all reserves in the City of Swan, other than selected locations, are dog exercise areas. If a reserve is not listed as restricted or prohibited, you may choose to exercise your dog off a leash.

It is proposed to essentially reverse this approach meaning all dogs should be on a lead when in a public place, other than a select number of reserves where dogs can be exercised off a leash. These areas have been chosen for reasons including large ground space, distance from schools and how often they are used for recreational sports.

The intention of the review is to provide a balance of uses for our public spaces for the enjoyment and safety of everyone.

We invite you to provide feedback on this proposal - are there any areas you think should or shouldn't be included?

Your feedback will be presented to Council who will consider all perspectives before making any changes to our current practices.

You can have your say by using the online consultation platform below - just click the 'Comment Now' button to get started. Alternatively, send your feedback to the City in writing via email at with the subject line 'Dog access areas'.

We will keep you updated at major stages of the review process and you can also sign up for updates by clicking the 'subscribe' button.

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The City of Swan currently has a registered dog population of 17,272. The City establishes dog exercise (where dogs can be exercised off a lead) and prohibited (dogs cannot enter even if on a lead) areas.

The current protocols were introduced in 2014, and since then, the City has had the opportunity to consider what does and does not work in line with community feedback.

In recent years there has been growing community concern about unrestrained dogs in public places and their interactions with people, other dogs and the threat of dog attack, both real and perceived. 

The proposed change will reduce and better define dog exercise areas and identify clearer requirements for the control of dogs in public places. This will balance the needs of everyone in our community and provide safe public spaces where everyone feels comfortable.

The areas listed in the table below are proposed to be dog exercise areas, meaning dogs can be exercised off leash.

They are proposed as off-leash dog exercise areas because they:

  • Have larger ground space
  • Can facilitate future fenced dog exercise areas with minimal disruption to other facility use
  • Either have no play equipment or small designated areas limiting dog exposure to small children or families
  • Are not being used for scheduled sporting activities or have limited recreational sports limiting dog exposure
  • Do not have facilities in close proximity with schools
  • Have facilities which are easy to access
  • Have secluded areas which offer noise and odour barriers, limiting impact on residents
  • Have adequate vehicle parking and should accommodate any future additional vehicle activity
  • Have toilet facilities available
  • Are well located to service the greater community
  • Are currently regularly utilised by dog owners

Proposed off leash areas:


Street Location(s)

Designated Area


Egerton Drive, Edgecombe Pass

Aveley Central Park - Dog Exercise Park


De Burgh Road, West Swan Road

Taylor Park


Dayton Boulevard,

Firewood Way, Teliqua Corner

Dayton - Dog Exercise Park 


Bonney Lane, Coolamon Boulevard, Westgrove Drive

Coolamon Oval - Dog Exercise Park


Lot 190 Swan Street

Fishmarket Reserve

Henley Brook

Lot 91 West Swan Road, Henley Street

West Swan Oval

Middle Swan

Eveline Road

Jack Williamson Park

Middle Swan

Middle Swan Road

Middle Swan Reserve


Cockman Cross, O’Connor Road

John Stone Park - Dog Exercise Park


Bernley Drive

Reg Bond Reserve
(Does not include John George Walk Trail)

Dog Prohibited Areas mean dogs are prohibited absolutely from entering or being in any of the places referred to, even if they are on a lead.

The only proposed change to prohibited areas is to include point 2, highlighted below:

  1. Land which has been set apart as a children's playground
  2. An area being used for sporting activities, as permitted by the local government, during the times of such use
  3. All school grounds and kindergartens (does not apply where the dog has a bona fide presence on the premises by agreement with the school)
  4. Shopping premises (does not apply to a dog being taken to or is in a veterinary clinic or pet shop or where the dog has another bona fide presence on that premises)
  1. Wildlife protection areas (where dogs are prohibited by a conspicuously placed notice to that effect)
  2. Wandoo Heights Reserve (Millendon/Red Hill)

There are a number of other fenced dog exercise areas which are not managed by the City, but are accessible to the public:

  • Greenslope Dog Park Bushmead - Leeuwin Boulevard, Hazelmere
  • Whiteman Park Dog Park - Lord St, Whiteman
  • Gnangara Dog Training / Exercise area - Pessoa Road, Gnangara Pine Forest

There are also a number of fenced dog exercise areas in local governments adjoining the City including:

  • Inglewood Dog Park - 2 Stancliffe Street, Mount Lawley (City of Stirling)
  • Princess Wallington Dog Park - 50 Wallington Road, Balga (City of Stirling)