Lot 95 No.5 Lakes Road, HAZELMERE

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Proposed warehouse development and associated works - Lot 95 No.5 Lakes Road, HAZELMERE 

The City has received the abovementioned proposal for consideration.
The application is for a Warehouse and Associated Works and is summarised as follows:
  • A 10,270m² Warehouse for the handling and storage of imported food products,
  • Hardstand and canopy area,
  • 224m² Office and amenities area,
  • 44 on-site car parking bays,
  • Proposed operating hours of 6:00am to 10:00pm, Monday to Friday,
  • Proposed total of 38 staff members, with a maximum of 23 staff members at the subject site at any one time,
  • Proposed 4,570m² of landscaping,
  • A Pylon sign - 3.0m in height and 1.5m in width, and
  • Proposed 14.0m wide crossover onto Lakes Road to enable 19m semi-trailer vehicle access to the site.

In addition to the Planning Report and proposed development plans, the development application includes the following technical appendices:

  • Traffic Impact Statement,
  • Bushfire Management Plan,
  • Hydraulic Services Plans, and
  • Waste Management Plan.
The subject site is zoned 'Special Use Zone No.25' under the City’s Local Planning Scheme No.17. The site is identified within the Lakes Road Structure Plan. The conditions of Special Use Zone No.25 are as follows:
  1. Subdivision and development shall be in accordance with a Structure Plan prepared and approved in accordance with the provisions of Part 4 of the Deemed Provisions.
  2. Unless development on the site is connected to reticulated sewer:
    • Development is restricted to 'dry industry' whereby any development application must demonstrate that the quality and volume of effluent to be disposed of onsite can be successfully disposed of, without adverse environmental or health effects,
    • using effluent disposal systems, and
    • Development shall be restricted to the type which is predicted to generate, and/or generate wastewater intended for disposal on site at a daily volume not exceeding 540 litres per 2000m² of site area.
  3. A Wastewater Management Plan shall be submitted with each development application to demonstrate that Condition 1 can be achieved to the satisfaction of local government.
Please be advised the City is not the decision-maker for this application and the application will be determined by the Metro Outer – Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) due to the value of the proposed works. The City’s role is to provide a recommendation to the JDAP through a Responsible Authority Report. As part of preparing the City’s Responsible Authority Report to the JDAP the City are seeking your comments on the proposal. Your comments will be included within the Responsible Authority Report to ensure that the community’s views can have the opportunity to form part of the JDAP’s consideration of the proposal. 
You are invited to comment on this proposal on or before, 5:00pm Monday, 13 December 2021
Please ensure you quote reference number: DA-1009/2021 on any submission.
The City will notify all submitters in writing of the Metro Outer - Joint Development Assessment Panel meeting once the meeting date has been listed by the Development Assessment Panel.
If you have any comments/objections relating to the proposal please complete the Online Feedback Form below by close of business on 13 December 2021.


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