Lot 801 (No.1044) Reen Road, GIDGEGANNUP

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Proposed construction of a catchment dam & associated civil works - Lot 801 (No.1044) Reen Road, GIDGEGANNUP

Application is made for a proposed catchment dam with an estimated volume of 2,430KL, based on a full water surface of 45m by 45m and a maximum depth of 3m.

The proposed dam is immediately downstream of an existing dam and will be entirely located within Lot 801 (the subject property).

The applicant has provided a hydrological report which concluded that the proposed dam is justified on the basis that it is classified “Moderate Impact” under the City of Swan’s Dams Policy and is required as part of a Bushfire Plan for Lot 801.

The applicant has stated that the proposed use will be as follows:

  • Existing orchard of approximately 6,600m2 that will have 150 olive trees and 60 fruit trees planted. Total water consumption for the summer months is expected to be approximately 1,100,000 litres.
  • Front paddock has an area approximately 27,500m2 that we would like to grow a crop. Expected water usage of approximately 1,300,000 litres.
  • As part of our Bushfire plan, we are encompassing the perimeter of our house with 2000m2 of lawn which we would like to keep alive in the summer months as part of our Bushfire Management plan. Expected water usage 1,100,000 litres. We are also constructing a roof watering system that is connected to the dam via pumps and water tanks that can be turned on in case of bushfire to help protect the house.

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