Lot 3213 (No.15) Garran Loop, HENLEY BROOK

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Proposed conversion of the garage to an ancillary dwelling including associated buildings & works for the fitout

R-Code Acceptable Development Criteria



5.1.3 lot boundary setback (rear lot boundary)

For all properties that have a density code of R10 buildings are required to be set back a distance of 6m to the rear lot boundary. For this proposal the rear lot boundary abuts 17 Garran Loop.

While it is noted that there is already an existing structure (garage) set back a minimum distance of 1m in lieu of the required 6m abutting 17 Garran Loop, the application proposes to convert this garage into an ancillary dwelling. 

Accordingly, comment from the affected landowner is required with regard to the setback variation given the building has changed.

If you have any comments/objections relating to the proposal please complete the Online Feedback Form below by close of business on 18 May 2021.




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