Lot 9 (No.5531) West Swan Road, WEST SWAN

No longer on display. Expired on 30 July 2021, 05:00 PM

Proposed Mixed Use Development comprising of an new Agriculture Intensive use with a restaurant, outdoor play areas, cabins & chalets, landscaping, car parking areas including associated civil & earthworks - Lot 9 (No.5531) West Swan Road, WEST SWAN  

The City has received an application for a Mixed Use Development at Lot 9 (No. 5531) West Swan Road, West Swan. The development comprises the following: 


An area of approximately 8,300sqm dedicated the growing of fruit and vegetables (including an orchard, greenhouses and packing/storage facilities).

2. Café

A purpose build café serving breakfast and lunch only proposed to operate between 8am to 4pm daily. The café will accommodate up to 96 patrons and employ approximately 6 staff.

3. Single house

The existing single house on the lot is to be retained.

4. Chalets

Eight (8) two (2) bedroom, one (1) bathroom, self-contained chalets are proposed to the rear of the Single House/ Café. The chalets are proposed to offer short term accommodation to the general public.

If you have any comments/objections relating to the proposal please complete the Online Feedback Form below by close of business on 30 July 2021.


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