Public Agency Referral

No longer on display. Expired on 28 September 2021, 05:00 PM

Public Agency Referral - Proposed Educational Establishment - Lots 136 (No.26) & 3235 (No.34) Asturian Drive and Lots 137 (No.238) & 138 (No.230) Henley Street, HENLEY BROOK

The City is seeking public comment on this Development Assessment Panel Form 1 development application.

The Educational Establishment is proposed to be developed in several stages over a period of eight (8) years with 2023 anticipated as being the opening year. This application seeks approval for the whole development. 

The proposed Worship/Prayer building is for use by only the students and staff of the Islamic College, and will not be open to members of the public. 

The application is for an Educational Establishment and is summarised as follows:

  • It is anticipated that in its opening year the Educational Establishment will accommodate a total of 195 students from Kindergarten to Year 6, and 12 staff members
  • It is anticipated that by 2030, at full capacity, the Educational Establishment will accommodate a total of 1,000 students and a total of 80 staff members
  • Kindergarten building comprising two (2) classrooms
  • Pre-primary building comprising four (4) classrooms
  • Primary building comprising 24 classrooms
  • High school building comprising 24 classrooms
  • Speciality building comprising 15 classrooms
  • Gymnasium building
  • Library building
  • Canteen
  • Administration building
  • Outdoor courts and sports oval
  • Worship / prayer building (The proposed worship/prayer building is to be used exclusively by school students and staff and will not be open to the general public)

 In addition to the planning report and development plans, the development application includes the following technical appendices:

  • Acoustic Environmental Report
  • Bushfire Management Plan and Bushfire Emergency Evacuation Plan
  • Environmental Assessment and Management Plan
  • Geotechnical Investigation Report
  • Transport Impact Assessment

Please be advised the City is not the decision-maker for this application and the application will be determined by the Metro Outer – Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) due to the value of the proposed works. The City’s role is to provide a recommendation to the JDAP through a Responsible Authority Report. As part of preparing the City’s Responsible Authority Report to the JDAP the City are seeking your comments on the proposal. Your comments will be included within the Responsible Authority Report to ensure that the community’s views have the opportunity to form part of the JDAP’s consideration of the proposal.

You are invited to comment on this proposal on or before 5pm, Tuesday, 28 September 2021.

Please ensure you quote reference number: DA-604/2021 on any submission.

The City will notify all submitters in writing of the Metro Outer - Joint Development Assessment Panel meeting once the meeting date has been listed by the Development Assessment Panel Secretariat.

If you have any comments/objections relating to the proposal please complete the Online Feedback Form below by close of business on 28 September 2021.


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