Lot 15 (No.16) Helena Street, GUILDFORD

No longer on display. Expired on 26 January 2021, 05:00 PM

Proposed verandah extension and alteration to kitchen window and access, including part demolition - Lot 15 (No.16) Helena Street, GUILDFORD

The application seeks approval for a verandah extension at 16 Helena Street Guildford, commonly referred to as 'Turner's House' . The Western verandah extension presents as a skillion addition in which the material and colours will match that of the existing verandah. 

Further to this, the application proposes the removal of an existing kitchen window located adjacent to the existing verandah. This window will be replaced by 2 timber framed french doors with glass panels.

Comment is required from the surrounding landowners as the extension and alterations seeks to vary the City's POL-C-106 Guildford Conservation Precinct Policy with regard to the following elements:

  • the policy states that original window openings shall be retained. This proposal seeks to remove an original window (Design element 5.5 - detailing)
  • comment is also sought regarding the suitability of the proposed timber fretwork matching that of the existing verandah.

If you have any comments/objections relating to the proposal please complete the Online Feedback Form below by close of business on 26 January 2021.




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