Lot 1780 (No.46) Gaston Road, BULLSBROOK WA

15 April 2020, 05:00 PM

Proposed Use & associated development for a Stock Feed Grain Mill - Lot 1780 (No.46) Gaston Road, BULLSBROOK  WA 

The City has received the abovementioned proposal for consideration. 

Particulars of the Proposal

  1. The application proposes construction of a Stock Feed Grain Mill on Lot 1780 (No.46) Gaston Road, Bullsbrook.  The proposed Feed Mill consists of two separate processing lines operating in parallel, both with a design capacity of 20 tonnes per hour, providing a combined capacity of 40 tonnes per hour.  One line will produce for the Non-Ruminant (monogastric) market and the other serving the Ruminant market.  This application seeks approval of a 40 tonne per hour stock feed grain mill processing plant that will be serviced by RAV 4 type vehicles.  These vehicles are defined by MRWA as being up to 27.5m in length and have a maximum GVM of up to 87.5 tonnes.


  2. The facility is proposed to operate 24 hours per day, 5 days per week. Truck movements to and from the site will be between the hours of 0600 to 2200 Monday to Friday (5 days per week). The site will be manned on Saturdays for plant maintenance and occasional operations between the hours of 0600 to 2200 where extra production is required in the event of facility breakdowns or other issues.


  3. A total of 26 staff will be employed at the site, working various shifts throughout the 24 hour operating period.  A maximum of 23 persons will be on site at any one time assuming staff will arrive and depart within a 30 minute period of their shift.


  4. The proposed Feed Mill will consist of the following components:
  • Administration building
  • Light vehicle parking area
  • Truck parking area
  • Utilities building
  • Packing/Warehouse building including office & toilets
  • Feedmill shed
  • Mixing station


    1. The total area over which the subject development will occur is 5.75ha.  The overall building footprint is approximately 3,879m2.  Site surfaces will be bitumen hardstand.  The remaining area will remain undeveloped.


    2. The respective building heights are as follows:


    3. The proposal does not exceed a maximum height of 87.5m AHD and thus complies with the Department’s conditions of approval.  The ground floor level of the Feed mill is set at 47.5m AHD which allows for a maximum permissible building height of 40.0m from this level.


    4. No landscaping is proposed as part of this application.  There is no requirement for landscaping under LPS17 or POL-TP-126.


    5. Based on the City of Swan’s land use parking requirements, the proposed development is required to provide a minimum of 43 parking spaces.  A total of 30 car bays will be provided, each measuring 5.5 x 2.5 metres. This application seeks a variation in the POL-TP-129 parking requirement.


    6. Access to the site is proposed via Morley Road.  Morley Road will be upgraded between the site access and Muchea South Road to accommodate two-way traffic on a sealed carriageway.  Currently, Muchea South Road/Morley Road intersection is essentially a private driveway and as such, no formal intersection treatments exist.


    7. RAV vehicles will enter/exit Morley Road from Muchea South Road (south) only.  This limits RAV movement at the Morley Road/Muchea South Road intersection to left-in and right-out only and allows a direct link to the existing RAV 4 network at the Rutland Road / Muchea South Road intersection approximately 1.7km to the south of Morley Road. It will be mandated that RAV vehicles operating to/from the site will travel to and from the future Northlink only, via Muchea South Road/Railway Parade and Neaves Road, this removes the ability to travel to/from Rutland Road. A Traffic Impact Statement of the proposed development has been prepared by GTA Consultants.  The key outcomes from the report are as follows:
  • Access to the proposed development is gained via a newly constructed road at Morley Road which will connect to Muchea South Road via a newly constructed three-way intersection.
  • The development proposal could generate up to 23 vehicle trips in the AM peak hour, and around 22 vehicle trips in the PM peak.
  • The development is expected to generate 140 vehicular trips per day, which means that the development proposal will result in an insignificant increase in daily traffic volumes along Muchea South Road which currently carries 2,800 vehicles per day (February 2016).
  • The site will generate up to 55 heavy vehicle movements (up to RAV 4 size vehicles) per day between the hours of 0600 to 2200, an average of 2-3 truck movements per hour, that is 2-3 arrivals and 2-3 departures.
  • Detailed analysis demonstrates that there is adequate capacity during peak hour at the intersection of Muchea South Road and Morley Road.


    1. The proposed development would generate the need for a Public Art expenditure of $105,220.59.


    2. Noise emissions from the site will be managed in accordance with Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997. A works approval has been submitted to ensure potential environmental noise impacts associated with the construction and operation of the facility are minimised. The following management measures will be implemented during Feed Mill operations:
  • All dust extraction equipment fitted with dust filters and noise silencers/hoods;
  • Manufacturing and unloading activities will be undertaken within enclosed buildings;
  • All noisy equipment will be muffled (as possible) and be contained within enclosed buildings;
  • Machinery equipment will be correctly maintained; and
  • No dwellings are located within the 500m from the proposed facility.


If you have any comments regarding the proposal please complete the online feedback form below by close of business on 21 Days. 

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