SWAN-SP/2021/3 - Hazelmere SUZ 16 (Precinct 3A)

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Proposed Structure Plan No. SWAN-SP/2021/3 - SUZ 16 (Precinct 3A) - Lot 651 & Lot 39 Stirling Crescent Hazelmere, Lot 58 (No.167) and Lot 83 (No.170) Bushmead Road and Lot 93 (No.40) Hazelmere Circus, HAZELMERE 

The City has received a structure plan for the above property for consideration.  The Local Structure Plan (LSP) area is approximately 20.79 ha and zoned Urban under the Metropolitan Region Scheme and under the City of Swan Local Planning Scheme No. 17 (LPS 17) 16.

The subject sites are owned by both private individuals and companies. The subject area is located approximately 1.5km south west of the Midland Town Centre and approximately 16km north east of the Perth central business district.

The LSP provides the framework for the area to be developed for residential and special uses, which provides for transitional land uses between the General Industrial land to the east and the Residential land to the west. The Spine Road provides an opportunity for industrial traffic to not need to enter the residential area of Hazelmere, Woodbridge and Guildford.

The LSP is an expansion of the Hazelmere Enterprise Area Structure Plan and facilitates orderly planning as outline in this document.

The LSP has been prepared consistent with the provisions of the City of Swan LPS 17, Schedule 2, Part 4, clause 15(1) and Part 5, clause 30(1) of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 and the other relevant policies.

If you have any comments/objections relating to the proposal please complete the Online Feedback Form below by close of business 5pm, 20 December 2021. 


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