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Revamped Kingfisher Basin is a pleasure for all ages

A well-known trouble spot for antisocial behaviour has been transformed into a native oasis.

The project involved filling in the basin and landscaping the swale area with reticulated lawn and native garden beds. The planting was undertaken by the members of the community, contractors and City staff.

On National Tree Day, children from the local childcare centre, Meerilinga Ballajura, donated and planted a tree as a gift to the community. The children conduct regular visits to their tree and the area which is located adjacent to their centre, helping them to appreciate the elements of nature and water wise behaviours.

Friends of Emu Lake also braved rainy weather to take part in the planting on June 6 when approximately 700 planted were planted.

Kingfisher Basin before completion Kingfisher Basin after completion
Before construction After construction


Club spot

Beachcomber Angling and Boating Club 

The Beachcomber Angling and Boating Club is fish-friendly and designed for all ages and for all the family. They encourage children (and adults) to learn about the conservation of the recreational fishing industry.

The club promotes the "catch and release" technique, allowing the fish to live another day!

Learn from their many experienced members who have a wealth of knowledge to improve your fishing. There are so many activities to enjoy:

  • Monthly meetings - third Wednesday of every month at 7.30pm at the Community Centre, Ballajura (South).
  • Field Days - every third weekend at local points for fishing to a bi-annual 2-week safari to Exmouth or similar! Travel to Cervantes, Bluff Creek, Emu Springs and many other areas.
  • Monthly Dry Casting in Guildford.

Activities are guided by the Beachcombers Angling and Boating Club Rules and Constitution. Visit their website for further information.


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