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Emergency relief agencies for Ellenbrook and surrounds


Several emergency relief agencies exist in Ellenbook and the surrounding area to assist community members who are experiencing financial stress due to mortgages and other pressures. Read a full list of support agencies who can provide assistance. 


Grant: Ellenbrook program builds resilience

Girls without Limits
A new after-school program is helping local girls express themselves and build their self-esteem in a positive environment, thanks to $45,000 Proactive Grant from the City of Swan.

Ellenbrook-based non-profit Girls Without Limits (GWL) has a range of activities that focus on physical and mental wellbeing. The programs operate four days per week from 3.30-6.30pm and during the school holidays.

The grant provided much-needed funds to allow GWL the ability to reach girls in the community and inspire them to reach their full potential.

Tama has been an avid participant at GWL by attending a few different activities each week.

Mum Linda said the pilates, art, mindfulness, combat and nutrition sessions have helped Tama in her development.

“My daughter has autism and has always struggled socially, but at this group she has learned so many social skills and made some great friends,” she said.

The goal at GWL is to create a space where girls feel comfortable enough with the facilitators and each other to explore the weekly theme deeper and learn more about themselves and the world around them.

“GWL is perfect for young ladies finding their place in the world,” Linda said. “I personally think that good self-confidence and body image is without fail the most important thing we can teach them.

“The ladies running it are all lovely and are great role models for the kids.”

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Parks and playgrounds

Pedal power for Peter!

Peter - Peddle for Power





City of Swan playground inspector, Peter, saw an opportunity to reduce his carbon footprint, opting for his bike in favour of his nine tonne truck for monthly inspections.

New high density developments in the area mean parks and public open spaces are closer together so Peter saw the opportunity to be leaner and greener.

Peter inspects around 102 playgrounds across Ellenbrook, Aveley, Bullsbrook, Ballajura and Bennett Springs every month. Using his bike, Peter’s initiative has helped to eliminate his vehicle operating and running costs.

“Using a bike for my rounds allows me to inspect more playgrounds. It’s better for the environment by reducing emissions from my truck and great for my health and wellbeing,” said Peter.

Give Pete a wave or say g’day when you see him on his rounds!



Bullsbrook ROCKS

Unicorn clay art

Up to 30 local children are enjoying after school art classes in Bullsbrook, thanks to a determined mother and retired local teachers and artists. Recreational Opportunities for Creative Kids (Bullsbrook ROCKS) was formed to provide a creative, fun space for children in the area. 

The children are from diverse backgrounds and aged from grade 1 to 6, meeting each week to share their creativity and imagination. The facilitators are able to keep the children engaged by giving the children plenty of freedom to express their creative ideas through their art.

Facilitators are local artists and teachers with experience in a variety of media. They have built a strong rapport with the children.

Feedback from facilitators and parents is already revealing that they are noticing positive changes and transformations in the children:

“One young boy attended Bullsbrook ROCKS for the last two terms and I have noticed many positive changes throughout the sessions. In the beginning he used to ask for a lot of help and support to complete any of the activities and would easily get frustrated and would quietly try and give up on the tasks. By the end of the term, the boy is engaging in the activities and the art process with much more ease – he seems to be laughing more and walks into class with a spring in his step too!“ said Louise (facilitator).

“I have a kid who is a perfectionist. What has helped her is actually doing art classes. She passionately loves art and used to hate everything she created and cry after making anything. I have noticed after doing weekly art classes for a few years she is getting better! There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in art, so there is no need for perfectionism. She is now happy with her creations and a few weeks ago made a clay pot and said ‘This is the first thing I’ve ever made that I’m actually happy with!’ I think there is too much focus on being right and wrong in school. Bullsbrook ROCKS art classes have really helped a lot and we are seeing the fruit of it," said Kat.

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