The Graffix project began in 2013 as part of an Australian Government initiative in partnership with the City of Swan. The Graffix program addresses issues of graffiti vandalism in the community, while providing opportunities to engage with young people in art workshops and outreach settings to develop skills and knowledge in delivering Urban Art projects.

The program, with the aid of a number of City of Swan business units, aims to promote the safe practice of aerosol arts advocating for the greater awareness of young artists within the City.

Our sponsors 

Since commencing, the Graffix project has worked in partnership with a number of local businesses and stakeholders. These include

  • Rise Network
  • Swan City Youth Service
  • Ellenbrook Arts
  • Brookfield Rail
  • Sorcit
  • Australia Post
  • Midland Gate Shopping Centre and 
  • the Dungeon Youth Centre.

These working relationships have led to successfully completed murals in Bullsbrook, Ballajura, Ellenbrook, Stratton, Woodbridge and Midland.

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Graffix projects



Bus Stop - Great Northern Highway

The bus stop mural was part of a City of Swan initiative to reduce vandalism on bus stops around the Midland area. Located on Great Northern Highway, the project included six students from La Salle College who came up with designs based on New York Street Artist Keith Haring. Students worked hard utilising bright colours and bold designs to complete the mural in four hours.

 bus shelter graffiti
Ballajura Library

The mural took three professional urban artists and one young person one day to complete. 

The design was created over the course of five skill development workshops held at Ballajura Library where the theme (heroes) and colours were finalised. 

The "Lego"  characters were chosen due to their instant recognisability for all ages. Adorning the wall are Batman, Indiana Jones and more obscure comic book heroes.

Ballajura Skate Park - King Fisher Oval

The mural took six young people one day to complete. 

The young people made references to local landmarks, location names in the neighbourhood as well exploring abstract letter form.

Animals such as the lion (king of the jungle) and popular animated characters were also included in the design.
Bullsbrook Scouts Sea Container - Pickett Park Hall

The mural took six young people one day to complete.

Taking inspiration from the suburb name, the young people designed a cartoon bull character as well as using  elements of scouting culture.
Ellenbrook Skate Park - Coolamon Oval

The mural took three young people one day to complete. 

With an already existing mural, it was decided to update the design with the inclusion of a hip character creating a funky environment.

The photo depicts the young artists and users of the park that day who watched the painting process.
Shooters Netball Club - KingFisher Oval

The mural took one young person one day to complete. 

The design was based on sports and recreation and included elements of netball, the Shooters club name and club colours.
shooters netball club graffix
Australia Post - Midland Oval

The mural took five young people four days to complete. 

The function of the building guided the design with past, present and future postal elements depicting a narrative of communication.

Laptops, postal vans and animated post boxes are scattered across the wall to form a dynamic composition of depth and balance.
Stratton Skate Park - Jecks Place

The mural took six young people one day to complete. 

The theme of the park was decided by the interest of the young people. Exploring aspect of youth culture such as music, movies and recreation led to images of zombies, boom boxes and scooters.

The largest piece ”Stratton Kings” was reference to basketball teams and the young people’s desire to be the best.
Midland Gate Shopping Centre - roof top mural

The mural took seven young people three months to complete. 

An existing partnership between Swan City Youth Service and Midland Gate Shopping Centre led to an enormous 40m wall to be painted. 
Lead artist Michael Shime and with assistance from the City of Swan Graffix Officer Trevor Bly led a team of young people to create an 'Australiana' themed mural.

Depicting native animals such as koalas, frilled neck lizards, crocodiles and turtles the mural shows the animals crawling across the urban landscape.
Midland Gate graffix
Woodbridge Underpass

The mural took five young people one day to complete. 

Each young person presented a range of ideas to the project.

Movies, cars and pop culture sketches were designed in workshops before being painted on the wall. The young people also painted a “Woodbridge” piece as well including the postcode to celebrate the suburb.