Altone Local Area


The Altone local area is located in the south west area of the City of Swan and includes the suburbs of Bennett Springs, Beechboro, Kiara, Lockridge and parts of Caversham and Whiteman. It is predominantly a residential area with a population of 21,577 persons and 7,950 private dwellings. More than 70% of households in Altone are either being purchased or are owned outright. 

Approximately 80% of Altone's residents are aged less than 55 years and 28% are less than 20 years of age. Almost 16% of residents are aged between 55 and 69 years, and 6% are aged 70 or more. Between the 2011 and 2016 Census, the population declined in all five year age groups from 0 to 49 and increased in the 50+ age groups.

Almost 30% of Altone residents come from countries where English was not their first language. Other than English, Vietnamese is the most common language spoken at home. More than 72% of all households in the Altone local area are family households with 51% of those having children. Altone’s labour force of 10,613 includes 9,594 employed persons of which 61% work full time and 37% are employed part time.

Prior to European settlement in 1829, the area was home to the Nyoongar people. Historically, the suburb of Lockridge was known as “Mooro” and part of the territory belonging to Yellagonga. There are a number of registered sites of significance throughout the area and as such, approval is required under the Aboriginal Heritage Act (1972) for any development of land on those sites.

European settlement of the area dates from late 1829 when land was allocated to settlers along the Swan River. The history of Beechboro commenced around the 1870s, when a large part of the Caversham estate was subdivided into large lots and renamed from its original name “Beechborough Park” to its current name. Prior to World War II, the Beechboro area was subdivided into smaller farms and used for dairy farming. During the 1960s, Lockridge was partly developed as a housing estate and in the 1970s, development of the area took off with the first subdivision north of Benara Road. The suburb of Kiara was approved and named in 1990 and the suburb now known as Bennett Springs was developed during the 1990s. More recently, there has been significant development in Beechboro, Bennett Springs and Caversham.

Major features and attractions of the area include:

  • Shopping centres at Altone Park, The Springs, Amazon, Kiara and Beechboro
  • Swan Active Beechboro and adjacent library, golf course and playing fields
  • numerous primary and secondary schools.

Development of the Altone Local Area Plan (LAP) has involved local community members working together with the City to identify specific issues affecting their community. Community members and stakeholders were invited to contribute to the Altone LAP through a series of community workshops, events and an online survey from March to May 2015. All submissions received were considered in the formulation of strategies and actions to implement Altone’s vision and ensure that local needs and aspirations are met. This LAP is therefore an important document for the City to plan for infrastructure and services, and manage change at the local level.