Guildford/Hazelmere Local Area


The Guildford/Hazelmere local area is located 12 kilometres north east of Perth and includes the historic town of Guildford, South Guildford, Hazelmere, Bushmead and part of the Perth Airport. The area is bounded by the Swan River, the suburb of Woodbridge, the Great Eastern Highway, the railway line and the Helena River in the north, Military Road, the Rifle Range, the Shire of Mundaring and Ridge Hill Road in the east, the Rifle Range, Sadler Drive, Adelaide Street, the railway line, the Shire of Kalamunda and the City of Belmont in the south, and the Swan River and the Town of Bassendean in the west.

Settlement of the area dates from the late 1820s when the area was explored by Captain James Stirling. By the 1830s, the town of Guildford was established as a significant port and trade centre, with land used mainly for agricultural purposes. Due to its location, the town site was able to serve as a river port and market centre for the surrounding agricultural districts.

The most significant development occurred in the post war years, with the population increasing during the 1990s and remaining relatively stable. The 2016 Census recorded a population of 6,192 persons with the highest areas of growth being in the younger age groups (5 to 19 years) with approximately 20% of the population aged less than 15 years. The largest proportion of residents are aged 30 to 49 years and represent 30% of the area's total population.

Couple families represent 55% of all households in Guildford/Hazelmere and 50% of all households have children. Housing tenure in the area shows that 75% of households are either purchasing or own their homes outright. The area has 2,812 people in the local labour force and 98% (2,741 persons) are employed. Of these, 65% work on a full time basis and 32% work part time.

The Guildford/Hazelmere local area has a number of major features and attractions including:

  • Swan Valley Visitor Centre
  • Guildford Cemetery
  • Palmer Barracks (Navy)
  • Fishmarket Reserve
  • Kings Meadow Oval
  • Kings Meadow Polo Ground
  • Queens Road Arboretum
  • Stirling Square
  • Garrick Theatre
  • Olive Farm Winery
  • St Charles Seminary
  • Primary and secondary schools.