Swan View Local Area


The Swan View local area is residential with substantial areas of parkland and national park. It is situated in the City's south east and includes the suburbs of Jane Brook, Stratton, parts of Midvale, and the portion of Swan View that is located within Swan's boundary.

Settlement of the area dates from the late 1890s when land was first subdivided and used primarily for farming until the post-war years. Rapid population growth began from the late 1980s and continued until the late 1990s. The population continued to increase at a slower rate until 2006 and then slowed considerably with fewer dwellings being added to the area.

At the time of the 2016 Census, there were 9,647 persons residing in the area. Almost 30% of the population is less than 20 years of age and 22% are aged 55 years or more. Almost 75% of residents in the Swan View local area are Australian born, 20% are overseas born and of these 7% come from non-English speaking backgrounds. After English, the most common languages spoken at home are Filipino/Tagalog, Italian and Croatian.

The 2016 Census counted 3,574 households in the Swan View local area with more than 70% being family households and 50% of those being households with children. Approximately 72% of households are owned outright or owned with a mortgage and 16% are privately rented.

Development of the Swan View Local Area Plan (LAP) has involved local community members working together with the City to identify specific issues affecting their community. Community members and stakeholders were invited to contribute to the Swan View LAP through a series of community workshops, surveys and online consultations from September 2015 to May 2016. All submissions received were considered in the formulation of strategies and actions to implement Swan View’s vision and ensure that local needs and aspirations are met. This LAP is therefore an important document for the City to plan for infrastructure and services, and manage change at the local level.

Major features and attractions of the Swan View local area include:

  • John Forrest National Park
  • Talbot Road Bushland
  • Jane Brook Foreshore Reserve
  • Stratton Park Shopping Centre
  • Stratton Youth Space
  • Blackadder Creek Reserve
  • Farrall Oval
  • Midland Cemetery
  • Swan View Park
  • Primary and secondary schools