Guildford Access and Parking Strategy

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The Guildford Access and Parking Strategy provides guidance for development and use of parking in the future and responds to currently perceived parking issues. Development of the strategy was undertaken with consideration of Guildford’s heritage and feedback from extensive community engagement. The recommendations contained in the Strategy are focused on safety, parking management, cash-in-lieu, alternative modes of transport particularly cycling and walking and compliance.

The strategy was endorsed by Council on September 7, 2016.

At that meeting, Council resolved:

(3)   The City recognises that the Guildford Access and Parking Strategy car parking survey was conducted over two days in March 2016 via desktop survey and the number of bays is disputed by Guildford residents.

Only an actual physical street by street survey in Guildford will provide an accurate car bay number and this will be undertaken during the implementation of the strategy.

Since GAPS was endorsed, the City has conducted another bay count through application of Australian Standards and Liveable Neighbourhoods principles. It found that the original desktop estimate overstated the available bay count. Based on the updated bay count, the maximum utilisation of the bays in Guildford is on average 45% which remains below the Austroads optimum of 50 - 85%. The City's implementation approach will therefore remain unchanged and continue to focus on improved parking management to allow optimum usage of the existing parking bays in Guildford.

The City is currently preparing a precinct parking plan, and further utilisation surveys will be undertaken after its implementation.