Midland Activity Centre Master Plan

commercial development

Midland is the Strategic Metropolitan Centre in Perth's north east sub-region and its CBD area is undergoing significant revitalisation and change.

In 2007, an Enquiry by Design was jointly undertaken by the City of Swan and the Midland Redevelopment Authority (now the Metropolitan Development Authority). The relevant government agencies, in consultation with the community, produced the following strong vision for Midland's revitalisation:.

"Midland has the opportunity and the ability to become a thriving city in its own right, serving Perth's eastern region, Perth Hills, the Avon Arc and beyond. Midland can deliver an attractive, affordable, productive and sustainable city living environment beside the rivers in the eastern corridor."

Complementing this vision are the State government's policy objectives established by Directions 2031 and Beyond and State Planning Policy 4.2 Activity Centres for Perth and Peel. In particular, strategic metropolitan centres are required to provide an enhanced level of employment activity, along with intensified residential densities, thereby supporting public transport investment, improving access to jobs and services, and allowing for intensified activity within the centres.

The preparation of the Midland Activity Centre Master Plan is aimed at achieving these objectives, and establishes a planning framework for implementation of the recommendations. The draft Master Plan was advertised for public comment during April and May, 2013 and adopted by Council on December 18, 2013.