Youth Strategy


The City’s Youth Strategy was adopted by Council on March 14, 2018. The strategy aims to guide future planning for the provision of fundamental services and infrastructure. It also highlights matters requiring a direct approach, facilitation and advocacy by the City to foster positive youth development and build the capacity of young people to actively engage in, contribute to, and influence the decision making process within the community over the next twenty years. The strategy may be read in conjunction with the Preliminary Findings Report (November 2016). Complimentary to the full Youth Strategy, our informative flyer provides a summary of the approach, objectives and desired outcomes of the strategy.

The City has developed the strategy in partnership with young people, key agencies and service providers. The strategy identifies key issues and values to facilitate and support the development of a young person. The strategy has also been built upon emerging trends and best practices in community youth development to increase resilience, develop protective factors and engage young people with adults in the community to foster positive community development.

The Youth Strategy provides the City and its communities with an exciting vision for supporting its young population now and into the future.