Council Elections

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Local government ordinary elections are held every two years in October, with the next ones scheduled for 2023. 

The latest state-wide ordinary elections were held on Saturday October 16, 2021 and the City of Swan held elections for seven vacancies. The City of Swan is represented by 15 Councillors.

Elected Councillors from the 2021 election

Ward Elected Councillor 2021
Altone Ward(PDF, 314KB) Cr Jennifer Catalano
Cr Andrew Kiely
Midland/Guildford Ward(PDF, 265KB) Cr Sarah Howlett
Pearce Ward(PDF, 297KB) Cr Patty Jones
Cr Aaron Bowman
Swan Valley/Gidgegannup Ward(PDF, 288KB) Cr Charlie Zannino 
Whiteman Ward(PDF, 258KB) Cr David Knight


Ward Vacancies

The vacancies for the 2021 election were as follows:

Ward Vacancy Term
Altone Two Councillors Four years
Midland / Guildford One Councillor Four years
Pearce Two Councillors Four years
Swan Valley / Gidgegannup One Councillor Four years
Whiteman One Councillor Four years

Electoral Gift Register

Part 5A of the Local Government (Elections) Regulations 1997 requires the candidate and the donor to disclose any electoral gifts that are received/promised or given within the disclosure period if:

  • The value of the gift is $200 or more; or 
  • The value of the gift is less than $200, but the gift is one of 2 or more gifts, with a total value of $200 or more made by one person at any time.

The period of disclosure commences on 16 April 2021.  

For unsuccessful candidates, the disclosure period ends 3 days after election day.  

For successful candidates, the disclosure period concludes on the day the successful candidate makes a declaration in the prescribed form before acting in the office. 

Disclosure is to be made by completing Form 9A and delivered to the City of Swan Chief Executive Officer in person or via email to    

The City maintains an electoral gifts register that details certain information of electoral gift declarations made by candidates and donors during local government elections. The register is available below and can also be viewed at the City of Swan Administration Centre.

Electoral Gifts Register(PDF, 97KB)