Council Meetings

Live streaming

Live streaming allows you to view Council Meetings and Agenda Forums as they happen, without having to attend. This gives you greater access to Council decisions and debates, from wherever you are. You can watch Council meetings and Agenda Forums live or watch previous meetings. Read the Council Policy POL-C-166 Live Streaming and Recording Meetings(PDF, 60KB).

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Attend Council meetings

For the latest on Agenda Forum and Council Meeting arrangements in response to COVID-19 please click here(PDF, 77KB) .

Ordinary Meetings of Council and Agenda Forums are currently being held at 5.30pm in the Council Chambers.

The format of Council meetings at the City is a four weekly cycle, with agenda forums(PDF, 53KB) held the week prior to Council meetings. Council have adopted a guideline for agenda forums(PDF, 99KB) .

The following information sheets will help you understand the processes that takes place during the meetings and what you need to do if you wish to have your say. Please note some of these procedures may have been modified for the period of the Western Australian State of Emergency and Public Health Emergency declared by the Government of Western Australia in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

  • Deputations(PDF, 50KB) - A deputation is your opportunity to make a statement to Council on any item on a Council meeting agenda. Deputations will be received at agenda forums.
  • Public question time at agenda forums(PDF, 85KB) - Public question time at agenda forums is your opportunity to ask questions relating to any matter on the Council meeting agenda.
  • Public question time at Council meetings(PDF, 114KB) - Public question time at Council meetings is your opportunity to ask questions relating to any matter on the Council meeting agenda or any other matter relating the the City. 
  • Public statement time(PDF, 49KB) - Public statement time is your opportunity to make a statement to Council about any general matter affecting the City. Public statement time is conducted at Council meetings.


Agendas and Minutes online

Council minutes

Agendas - Agendas are available by 4pm on the Friday before the scheduled Agenda Forum for the Council meeting.

Minutes - Minutes are available within 10 business days after the meeting.

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