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The City of Swan has a number of high level plans that have been implemented as part of the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework.

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To support the long term planning outlined in the Strategic Community Plan, the City's Corporate Business Plan sets and supports the medium term direction over the ensuing four year period. 

Each year, we review and update our Corporate Business Plan to set and prioritise our short term goals.

The Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP) is prepared annually and is aligned to the Strategic Community Plan and Corporate Business Plan.

The LTFP is an integral part of Council’s strategic planning process that is prepared based on a number of objectives and assumptions. It addresses the operating and capital needs placed on the City over the next ten years.

The City of Swan’s Strategic Community Plan (SCP) sets out our vision, aspirations and objectives for our community over the next 10 years and is our principal strategy document. It is a legislative requirement under Section 5.56 of the Local Government Act 1995 and is informed by extensive community consultation.

The SCP governs all of the work that the City undertakes, either through direct service delivery, partnership arrangements or advocacy on behalf of our community. The direction set through the SCP ensures infrastructure and service provision is focussed to meet the requirements of our community, now and into the future. 

The plan is broken into five key result areas: Natural Environment, Economic, Social, Built Environment and Governance.

Within each of the key result areas are the following elements to give the overall blueprint for the City:

  • Vision - a descriptive statement of the future desired position for the City.
  • Outcomes - the end result of why we are focussing on the key result area.
  • Objectives - what we are trying to put in place and achieve.
  • Measures - data that will allow us to see how well we have implemented the SCP.

The City applies tailored business planning processes to take the priorities outlined in the SCP to turn them into real actions that will be delivered for our community. This more detailed level of planning is contained within our Corporate Business Plan (CBP). Our progress towards achieving strategic objectives is published in our Annual Report.

The SCP was originally developed in 2012 and underwent major reviews in 2016 and 2020 to ensure that it remains relevant and reflective of community requirements.

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