Strategic Community Plan 2017-2027

The City of Swan's Strategic Community Plan (SCP) is Council's principal strategy and planning document guiding the development of all other plans and activities that the City undertakes. It is a long term plan (10 years) outlining vision, aspirations and priorities, based on research and considering community input. It is a legislative requirement under Section 5.56 of the Local Government Act 1995 and ensures that we plan appropriately for the future of the Swan district.

The Strategic Community Plan outlines the vision for the City and identifies community wellbeing priority areas of focus over the next 10 years. Community wellbeing is broken into five key result areas:

  • Economic
  • Natural Environment
  • Built Environment
  • Social
  • Governance.

Within each of the key result areas are the following elements to give the overall blueprint for the City:

  • Vision – a descriptive statement of the future desired position for the City
  • Outcomes – the end result of why we are focusing on the key result area
  • Objectives – what we are trying to put in place and achieve
  • Strategies – high level statements about how we will achieve the objectives
  • Measures – specific data that will allow us to see how well we have implemented the Strategic Community Plan.

The strategic direction of the City is translated into services and projects that are delivered to our community through the Corporate Business Plan. This ensures strategic priorities are translated into real actions. The City’s Corporate Business Plan is reviewed annually and reported to community through the Annual Report.

The Strategic Community Plan was originally developed in 2012 and underwent a major review in 2016 to ensure that it remains relevant and reflective of community requirements.