Street trees

The City improves streetscapes by planting trees that provide shade, improve air quality and offer habitat and food for native animals.


The City of Swan is responsible for the pruning and maintenance of street trees (trees that are located on the verge) to minimise hazards, improve street presentation and ensure their long term survival. Please do not prune the trees yourself.

We prune street trees to:

  • ensure clear traffic sight lines and unobstructed pedestrian and vehicle movement;
  • remove dead, dying, diseased or pest infested stems, limbs or branches;
  • prune roots hazardous to private or public property;
  • redefine the framework of mature trees;
  • rejuvenate vigour in old growth;
  • reduce crown density so as to redistribute growth to lateral branches; or
  • carry out remedial or corrective surgery as required as a result of storm damage or poor growth habit.

 Street trees are not pruned because they:

  • cause excessive shade;
  • shed excessive leaf, fruit or bark;
  • are considered too large or too tall;
  • obstruct scenic views; or
  • obstruct solar panels.

We regularly undertake programmed maintenance of street trees . If you believe a street tree needs pruning you may contact us to discuss.

 For more information about street tree pruning, please see The City’s Guidelines for Tree Protection, Planting, Pruning, and Removal & Maintenance

The City’s approval is required for all tree plantings on City land including those undertaken by developers, residents, community groups, City staff and/or by contractors on behalf of the City.

Local native tree species that reflect the local character and conditions of the area are preferred. You can identify the soil type in your area by referring to the soil types map(PDF, 335KB) and the relevant soil information sheets can provide useful information for selecting the right tree species and shrubs for your soil type.

East Coast Soils - species list(PDF, 189KB) 

Central Soils - species list(PDF, 193KB)  

Scarp Soils - species list(PDF, 180KB)

The Tree Planting Guidelines(PDF, 2MB) stipulate the tree species that are acceptable within the City of Swan. Please contact the City if you are wishing to plant any tree not listed on this document.

If you wish to plant a tree:

  • please contact the City for approval prior to planting a tree in the verge. Unauthorised planting on City land may result in the removal or relocation of the planting at the resident or developer’s cost.
  • please refer to the above link for suitable species types for your area
  • if you wish to plant a tree that is not on that list, please contact he City with your proposal, for consideration
  • if you wish to plant a tree that is included in the link, please discuss your preference with the City when seeking approval.


Free Street Trees Program

Every resident in the City of Swan can request a free street tree for their verge. Available trees are listed in the Street Tree Selection Brochure(PDF, 2MB) and are subject to availability, supply and budget.  

The City’s program is designed to improve streetscapes by planting trees to provide shade, improve air quality and offer habitat and food for native animals. Planting is completed in winter, but requests may be placed at any time of the year with our Customer Services Centre.

Requests are assessed by the Parks Supervisor (City wide) and take into account available space, suitable species, existing themes, customer's requirements and soil conditions. The type of tree the City will supply is dependent on your location and surrounding tree types. This is to ensure that trees are chosen to reflect the local character and conditions and provide attractive streetscapes and public amenity.

Should requests exceed the available budget, customers will be wait listed for the following year.

For the best chance of survival, residents are encouraged to water the verge tree until it becomes established, normally for the first 2 summers.

The City also has guidelines designed to assist with inquiries about tree protection, planting, pruning, removal and maintenance.  Additional detail about tree planting can be found in Section 10 of The City of Swan Landscape Guidelines

Residents in new areas:

As part of your home and land package you may be entitled to have a street tree planted by your developer. If you would like a street tree, please contact your developer prior to asking the City.

Residents in existing areas:

Where practicable the tree/s should not be planted under power lines, unless their potential mature height remains within the specified distance from power lines – as detailed on the Western Power website.

Street trees are a valuable asset to the community and the removal of any tree must be approved by the City of Swan. Please do not remove trees yourself.

Street trees may be considered for removal if they are:

  • dead or diseased and beyond remedial treatment;
  • structurally weak and dangerous, posing a risk to public & property safety;
  • rendered dangerous and/or irreparable due to storm damage;
  • a hazard to pedestrians and motorists as its location, species or alignment obstructs necessary vision or other safety aspects;
  • affected by public works and every option for preventing loss of the tree has been investigated without practical solution;
  • dangerously in contact with overhead power lines or distribution wires and where for reasons of growth habit pertaining to the species, selective pruning is not practical;

 The City does not approve or arrange the removal of trees because of:

  • the obstruction of scenic views;
  • a dislike of the species or its growth habit;
  • leaf, fruit or bark shedding causing a nuisance;
  • a species being considered inappropriate to its location;
  • existing tree is in the way of, or within close proximity to a driveway crossover, unless there is no alternative;
  • existing trees are in the way of, or within close proximity to a second or additional crossover;
  • tree litter blowing into gutters, down pipes or drainage systems

In most cases, when a street tree is removed, we will request a suitable replacement tree be planted in its place.

 For more information about street tree removal, please see the City’s Guidelines for Tree Protection, Planting, Pruning, and Removal & Maintenance