Structure Plans

What is a Structure Plan?

Structure Plans provide the framework for the coordinated provision of services, infrastructure, land use and development of an area. Structure Plans assist planners in their consideration of applications for rezoning, subdividing and development.

Structure Plans affect what you can do with your property. The purpose and intent of a Structure Plan is influenced by the environmental characteristics and zoning of the land. Common constraints imposed by a Structure Plan may include, but are not limited to:

  • Designated Building Envelopes;
  • Fire Management Plans;
  • Setback requirements; and
  • Detailed Area Plans and Design Guidelines. 

How do I prepare and lodge a Structure Plan application?

The City of Swan strongly recommends that you engage a Planning Consultant to prepare the structure plan and supporting documentation. The type and amount of information required to accompany a Structure Plan application varies depending on the location of the land and the nature of the proposal. 

Prior to lodging a Structure Plan application, the City strongly encourages that you arrange a pre-lodgement meeting. The pre-lodgement meeting will give both parties an opportunity to discuss the proposed application and resolve any major issues prior to lodgment.

Are Structure Plan applications advertised?

Structure Plans are advertised to ensure an open and transparent process. The City is required to advertise Structure Plans in accordance with Part 4 of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Scheme) Regulations 2015.

Where can I view advertised Structure Plan applications?

View currently advertised Structure Planning applications.

Where can I view determined Structure Plans? 

The City is in the process of uploading all Approved Structure Plans.  Please visit the link suburbs to view all approved structure plans.

Soon you will be able to undertake a property search in  the City's online mapping system to find out if a Structure Plan affects your property.



For more information on Structure Plans please call 9267 9267 and request to speak to a Statutory Planning Officer.