Zoning and land use

The City of Swan Local Planning Scheme No.17 (the Scheme) contains a Scheme Map which affects all land within the City. The Scheme Map classifies land with a zone or reserve. Each zone is shaded in a different colour on the Scheme Map.

Each zone has a set of objectives which can be viewed via the following zone links. The objectives are used to assist Council and City staff in determining the appropriateness (in a particular zone) of discretionary uses or those uses not listed in the Scheme's Zoning Table.

The Zoning Table in Part 4 of the Scheme allows you to determine whether the City can lawfully approve a particular land use or not. The Zoning Table is formatted with the zones listed across the top row and an indication of the permissibility level for each land use under each zone (ie through the use of symbols X, P, D and A). A range of use classes is detailed in the first left hand column. By cross-referencing this column with the zones, you can identify the permissibilty level of each use class in each zone of the Scheme. 

To check your property's zoning, please use the Interactive Property Map