Building plans and documents


If you are looking for building plans and documents for buildings that were built, altered or renovated after 1980, the City may be able to provide a digital copy of approved plans and documents.

Please note: 

  • The City cannot guarantee that we have copies of building documents/plans for all properties. If we are unable to provide at least one document, the fee may be refundable.
  • The quality of building documents issued between 1980 and 1999 which are stored on microfilm, cannot be guaranteed as they may have deteriorated and become illegible.
  • For buildings built before 1980 you will need to try to contact the original builder or engage an architect to prepare plans of the property.

A plan search request can be made in person at Administration Centre or by sending an application via email to

Your request must include the following:

  • Application Form
  • Payment
  • Written authorisation from the owner or a copy of the contract of sale to purchase the property.

Types of building plans

 There are two types of requests available:

  • a Site Plan request (which is only available for residential properties) and
  • a Building Plan request.

Site Plan request

The City will endeavour to provide a copy of the most recently approved site plan which should display the position and use of any existing and proposed residential structures in relation to the property boundary.

Copies of site plans are only available for residential properties and are usually requested when a property owner is planning to build a class 10 structure such as a shed; swimming pool/spa and safety barrier. 

This request takes five business days to process.

Download the Request for Site Plan application form(PDF, 246KB).

Fees apply please refer to the fees tab.

Building Plan request

The City will endeavour to provide copies of approved building plans and documents for Residential and Commercial buildings that were built, altered or renovated after 1980.

The documents that may be provided are:

  • Building Licence / Permit
  • Elevation Plan 
  • Floor Plan
  • Site Plan

This request takes ten business days to process.

Download the Request for Building Plans application form(PDF, 329KB).

The City will not commence a plan search until we have received payment. Please refer to the fee tab.

While an approval may be recorded, some plans may not be available, in which case the City will provide a letter acknowledging this. Where no plans or approvals are recorded the structure is likely to be unauthorised.

Once the search is complete, documents may be posted, collected or emailed. If hardcopies are required, additional printing fees may apply.

Who can order copies of building plans?

 As per Section 131 of the Building Act 2011, copies of building approvals and plans can be provided to:

  • The Owner(s) of a property, as reflected in the City’s records.
  • A person who has written authorisation from the Owner(s)
  • The Purchaser of the property, in which case a signed copy of the Offer and Acceptance must be provided.

Please note:

If a property is owned by a Company or a Trust, a current “Company Extract” must be provided.   

If the property is part of a Strata, written authorisation from the Strata Secretary representing the Strata Company must be provided.

How to order

To request a copy of either your Site or Building plans please complete the applicable application form and submit it to the City using one of the following options:  

By Email:      

By Mail:                  PO Box 196, Midland WA 6936

In Person:              City of Swan Administration Centre, 2 Midland Square, Midland

By Fax:                  9267 9444


Electronic distribution

Site plan (latest plan) $32.00
Building plans and documents $74.00
Building plans and documents $168.00

Hard copy distribution

Building plans and documents  $74.00
Plus distribution fee
(for 10 x A4 or 5 x A3 pages)

Plus additional printing fee

$1.70 per A4 page
$3.40 per A3 page
$7.70 per A2 page
Building plans and documents


Plus distribution fee
(for 20 x A4 or 5 x A3 pages)
Plus additional printing fee $1.70 per A4 page
$3.40 per A3 page
$7.70 per A2 page